The simple role of the legislator is to make laws. However in making laws, legislators often do more than this. Apart from the fact that they are elected to represent certain geographical areas and constituents which make them a link between Government and the people, they actually enable society develop and prosper by the quality of laws that they make.
It must be made very clear to our electorate that it is not the role of the legislator to build roads, hospitals or schools, but the kind of laws that they make can enable the quick and efficient delivery of those services and prosper society at large.
The legislative arm of government is one of the strongest among the three arms of government. It is saddled principally with making laws and has an advantage of oversight duties over the executive.

Makuirdi/Guma has been ably represented at the national assembly with the contributions of our elected representative Hon. Bem Mzondu at the floor of the green Chambers.

Fulfilling his primary responsibility as a national lawmaker, Hon. Bem Mzondu has contributed to various issues of national interest at the national assembly.

The following bills have been initiated by Hon. Benjamin Mzondu and are at various stages of reading.
1. Federal Psychiatric Hospital Makurdi (Establishment) Bill 2019.

2. Establishment of Federal College of Education Gbajimba, Guma, Benue state. (Establishment Bill 2019.

3. An act to require financial authorization by the National Assembly prior to withdrawal of moneys from funds of statutory bodies, 2019.

4. An act to establish the Nigeria Immigration Border Patrol Agents as specialized directorate in the Nigerian Immigration Service to patrol, maintain surveillance, conduct borderline watch and prevent persons from entering or leaving Nigeria without permission and for related matters, 2019.

5. An act to provide for the review of existing trade and investment agreements and renegotiation of existing trade and investment agreement based on the review; provide for the terms for future trade and investment agreements; provide for the establishment of the joint trade and investment agreement review committee; and for other matters, 2019.

6. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (alteration) educational qualification for certain political offices Bill, 2019.

7. Countervailing and Anti-dumping Bill 2019.

8. Statutory and Anti-bodies Authorization bill.

9. Trade and investment agreements (reforms and miscellaneous provision) bill 2019

10. Sheriff and Civil Processes Act Amendment Bill 2020.

The following motions have also been moved by Hon. Benjamin Mzondu on the floor of the House.

1. Fire outbreak in Makurdi main market, Benue state.

2. The need to review the National Anti-Malarial Treatment Policy to ensure free treatment of malaria in all Government hospitals in Nigeria.

3. Flood disaster in Makurdi, Benue state.

4. Resettlement of internally displaced persons (IDP) from the various IDP camps in Benue state.

5. Rehabilitation of the Abinsi, Agasha, Tyulen, Tse-Ikyo, Anyiin, Arufu, Gbeji, Wukari road.

6. Loss of over Six Hundred Billion Naira (N600B) monthly revenue from Apapa gridlock, congestion and the dilapidated terminal infrastructure in some terminals.

7. Urgent need to secure the Benue communities for the new farming season/curb the continued unprovocative attacks by herdsmen.

Aside his primary duties as a lagislator, Hon. Bem Mzondu has also been able to keep in touch with his constituents with projects and other Goodwills. He has been able to secure job opportunities for his constituents and beyond at the federal level. He has succeeded in securing slots for his constituents into various para-military, military and federal agencies.

Immediately he assumed office, Hon. Mzondu procured 5 transformers to help salvage the epileptic issue of light within Makurdi/Guma federal construction a gesture which remain indelible in the heart of the benefitting communities.
Areas to which the transformers have been delivered include:
(i) AdakaB B
(ii) High-level at railway bypass.
(iii) Kanshio, at Harakem.
(iv) Iorhom behind E-division police station.
(v) Triangle (Jankanwa).

He has so far built schools and other infrastructure for the good people of Makurdi/Guma, notable amongst them is the two modern class rooms blocks at LGEA Primary School Gbajimba, Guma Local Government Area and the construction of the mini bridge at Chan stream at Ugondo Community in Makurdi local government area.

"My mandate is aimed at re-framing the political leadership versus followership narrative, that give room to realistic goals with a view to creating a positive dialogue & conversation that can correct representation deficit in the current political settings."

This he recently demonstrated through the recent Mzondu free medical service he offered to the good people of Makurdi/Guma at Adaka and Gbajimba respectively. He also secure palliative for his constituents from Nema which he distributed to his constituents recently.

It's worthy of note that the member house committee on appropriation is yet to execute this year's budget. With this in mind it's glaring that with Mzondu at the green Chambers the best is yet to come to his constituents.

Let encourage him through our prayers and support to enable him change the narrative for the betterment of us all.

A greater Makurdi/Guma is achievable with Mzondu Benjamin Bem 2019-2023.


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