Kogi Assembly Commences Impeachment Proceedings Against Deputy Governor

Speaker of the Kogi House of Assembly get together consented to the supplications in the appeal and asked that reprimand notice be served on the deputy Governor.

The Kogi state assembly has initiated reprimand procedures against Simon Achuba, the deputy Governor of the state.

On Wednesday, Abdullahi Bello, dominant part pioneer of the house, read an appeal against Achuba at whole.

He said marks of 21 of the 25 administrators have been gathered for the prosecution.

The part who speaks to Ajaokuta voting public, refered to area 188 of 1999 constitution and from there on implored the house to start examination in front of the reprimand of the delegate senator.

Kolawole Matthew, speaker of the place of gathering, consented to the application in the appeal and asked that indictment notice be served on the deputy Governor.

Matthew allowed Achuba 14 days to react to the claims leveled against him.

Achuba had blamed Yahaya Bello, speaker of the assembly of the state, of not paying his recompenses over the most recent two years.

He said he is being owed N819 million in pay rates and stipends. Achuba additionally said the representative was after his life, a charge which Bello denied.

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