COZA: What Police Forced Me To DO – Busola Dakolo Raises Alarm

The Spouse of artist Timi Dakolo and superstar picture taker Busola has blamed the Nigeria police for compelling her to sign a letter countering her assault charges against the top leader of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly Biodun Fatoyinbo.

"One was holding a firearm, and I saw a subsequent one holding a letter," Dakolo said in a meeting with the Guardian UK.

"They disclosed to me they were from IG's [the monitor general of police] office in Abuja and that I expected to sign this letter and recognize it."

Busola said the letter contained claims of criminal scheme, lie, devilishness and danger to life against herself and her significant other Timi Dakolo.

Bukola, in June, affirmed that Fatoyinbo assaulted her twice in seven days when she was as yet an adolescent.

She clarified that Fatoyinbo, nicknamed 'Gucci Pastor,' assaulted her just because at her parent's home and at some other point in a confined street way.

The claims incited many dissidents to walk on COZA premises in Lagos and Abuja, requesting the renunciation and arraignment of the minister.

Fatoyinbo, be that as it may, denied the charges and took steps to sue his informers.

The minister later disappeared from nonattendance from the congregation days after the charges and dissent.

While many have hailed Busola's mental fortitude to stand up, some have likewise reprimanded her records of the supposed assault occurrences.

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