When the coup happened , AKU did not know where to go, initially, after consultation, he disguised and decided to go to his wife's village in Ajio, Shangev ya, Kwande local government.
Aku could not even run to his kinsman. He feared they would harm him.
He arrived in the day time and after consultation with close confidants like Gbangban Kor, the then NPN chairman in Kwande , he was told to run away and go to Cameroun.
A close associate who was aware of this decision has recorded that,
Accompanied by two locals who knew the terrain very well, Aku and his wife, Victoria, left the Nigerian side of the border on the evening of 1st January 1984. After trekking for a distance of over two hours through a rough and tortuous path, they crossed River Makfor into Cameroun and reached Tse Agwa.
The village head of Agwa of undiir and Ukwese ethnic group gave them a warm reception. They, however spent the cold night in a round thatched hut without walls and had to sleep on a wooden couch. The next day, they moved to Bawulu, some five kilometers from Ishase, another settlement from Bawulu and got to Belle, an airstrip settlement where an aircrapt from Buya ferried them to Younde, Cameroun.
Being governor of Benue State is such a thankless job.


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