Drama As Anambra University Lecturer Appears In Ph.d Class As ‘Transgender’ (PHOTOS)

There was drama at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (formerly Anambra State University) on Thursday when a male lecturer at the department of Mass Communication stunned Ph.D students by walking into their class looking like a woman.

It was gathered that the lecturer (name withheld) was to teach a topic on culture shock and gender issues so he decided to demonstrate this by dressing like a transgender (man to woman).
As he walked into the classroom the students were visibly uncomfortable with his appearance and one of them wanted to walk out of the class in apparent discomfort at the sight of the male lecturer suddenly making up to look female. The lecturer observed initial reactions of the students before going ahead to teach them as a ‘transgender’.
One of the students was allowed to take photos of the drama during the lecture and the photos went viral shortly after.

The story of the lecturer’s drama in class did not go down well with some other students in the department who felt disgusted by the transgender part of the story while some others hailed the lecturer for his creative teaching techniques.
Watch video here: 

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