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14 Jul 2018

EKITI 2018 (LIVE UPDATES): APC, PDP, 32 others battle for Ekiti governorship

All is set for residents of Ekiti State to make a crucial decision that could shape the state’s development in the next four years.
The politicking has ended, now the people will decide.
A total of 35 political parties are fielding candidates for today’s election.
According to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), although Ekiti State has about 913,334 voters, only about 646,000 collected their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs), with about 250,000 cards still in the commission’s vaults.
Since only registered voters with PVCs will be allowed to vote, maximum number of votes expected in total is about 646,000.
The elections will be held in 2,195 polling units with the final result announced at the INEC secretariat in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital.
Although, there are 35 candidates, the election is expected to be a straight battle between a former state governor, Kayode Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress, and current deputy governor, Olusola Eleka of the Peoples Democratic Party. The contest is thus between the clamour for change and the demand for continuity.
Other candidates in the election include Ayodeji Ayodele (APGA); Sikiru Lawal Tae (LP); Abiodun Aluko (A); Jeremiah Omoyeni (MPN); Shola Omolola (AA); Agboola Olaniyi Ben (AD); Afe Babatunde (ANRP); Segun Adewale (ADP); Bode Olowoporoku (NDPC); Dare Bejide, (PPN); Tosin Ajibare (ID); Olajumoke Saheed (DA); Temitope Omotayo (YPP); Tope Adebayo (APDA); Akinloye Ayegbusi (SDP) and Saheed Jimoh (APA).
Others include Oribamise Ojo (AGAP); Olanrewaju Olalekan (DPC); Adegboye Ajayi (BNPP); David-Adesua Ayodele (DA); Sule Olalekan Ganiyu (FJP); Adewale OlusholaAkinyele (GPN); Akerele Gbenga (DPP); Amuda Kazeem (KOWA); Jegede Olabode Gregory (MMN); Babatunde Alegbeleye (NDLP); Oladosu Olaniyan (NPC); Ayoyinka Oluwaseun Dada (PDC); Animashaun Goke (PPA); Adeleye John Olusegun (UDP); Gboyega Jacob (UPN) and Fakorede Ebenezer (YDP).
To ensure effective monitoring of the elections, local and international observers have been deployed to the state. These include about 100 well trained observers deployed by a partnership between the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) and Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ).
A team of PREMIUM TIMES reporters are also in Ekiti to ensure adequate coverage of the election.
Stay here for live, real time updates of happenings in all the 2,195 polling units in the 16 local government areas of the state.

Transportation of election materials to the 10 polling units in Are, Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area of Ekiti State started as early as 6:45a.m.
As at 7:05 a.m., election officials have arrived in the seven polling units visited.
The polling units are;
Community School, Olaofe Compound, polling unit 3
Near Ilawemo Compound, polling unit 10
Idemorun Compound 1, polling unit 1
Idemorun Compound 2, polling unit 2
Ajegunle 1, polling unit 5
Court House – Apanisile Area, polling unit 8
Ilawemo compound, polling unit 9
Security operatives have arrived in all units visited.
There was a complaint on non-provision of tent for officials at polling unit 8.

At 8:07am Aisegba II ward 2 PU 1, no voting materials yet.

[ 08:08] Omole Olusola, collation agent for APC, said election material for Ilupeju II Ward 2unit 4 LA Primary school Olofi were distributed somewhere else and not the appropriate quarter without the knowledge of party agents.
Akanle Ife, party agent of PDP also confirmed the allegation made by Mr Olusola.

All is set at St. David Primary School Afao. Materials arrived before 7 a.m.
POs and APO have erected the cubicles and awaiting electorates for accreditation as early as 7:30 a.m.
The outgoing governor, Ayodele Fayose, is expected to vote here.
All other three polling units visited in Afao are also set.
They are;
Egbira farm settlement, PU 3
Adeosun compound, PU 4
Adeosun compound 1, PU 5

7:24am INEC officials are just setting up at polling unit 005 St anne school isasa
Voters are already around the elderly women (voter) are pleading to vote early as the king of their town performs a yearly rite which is today. They are pleading to go early because the widows of the community won’t be allowed to go to any market till next year if they don’t perform the rite.

At 7:05. Amaroko Ekiti, Ekiti west local government.
Ward 1(AMAROKO1) PU 11
There are four INEC officials present,.
They have removed all campaign banners from the sight of voters. They are currently replacing INEC banners which are to orientate the voters on the voting process.
Speaking to an INEC official, he confirmed to us that all election materials are on ground and currently they’ve not experience any setback so far. We equally can sight voters checking their names on the lists pasted on a nearby tank, to confirm if their registration is valid.
In Ekiti West Local government, Ward 1(Amaroko1) Polling Unit 11- Near Odofin’s House, Iwaro/Ijowa/Surulere.
From a document pasted on a tank by INEC, there are 421 registered voters. Before leaving the location at 7:42. INEC officials were set to commence voting at 8am.

At 8:15 a.m., LGA 06, Ward 1, Odò Emure 1, Beside Amodu’s compound, Amodu House, Party agents are seen campaigning for voters on the queue while security operatives frowns at it. There are 314 registered voters on the registration list. The accreditation/voting process has started.

8:19 Ward A, poling unit 06, Ijero LGA. The voting is about to start. The APO2 is testing and displaying the smart card readers and the ballot papers.

Election officials are set for the day’s business in Igbemo, Irepodun-Ifelodun Local Government. Igbemo has 21 polling units.
Seven PUs visited so far all have materials ready. They are;
Open space at Oloja bus stop – PU 20
Balogun compound – PU 19
Iwalewa compound – PU 7
Open space at Iro – PU 10
Old dispensary – PU 17
St. Williams Primary School – PU 13
Ojigbemo square – PU 11
Odola compound – PU 12
These PUs were visited between 7:55a.m. and 8:22 a.m.
Accreditation started in polling unit 10 at 8:10a.m. and 8:15a.m. at PU 11.
The PO in polling unit 17 is set but waiting for security operatives to start accreditation as at 8:12a.m.

08:31am: Voting has commenced at polling units 2, 3 and 4 of Ward 2, at iberekodo open area, Efon Alaye LGA

8:05am, Near Badaru House, Odò Emure 1, Ekiti. With 293 registered voters on the list. The voters are already queued up to carry out the accreditation process. Security officials are also present.

As at 8:30 a.m. PU 4, Usi ward; Ido/Osi LG. Argument erupts as INEC officials let citizens bring old people in for accreditation, vote on their behalf and help drop the votes in the ballot box. It has however been resolved with the presiding officers henceforth assisting them to vote

8:30am, LGA 06, RA Odò – Emure 1, PU 001, St Andrews Primary School/Olojido/Aderibigbe with a total of 420 registered voters – Accreditation/Voting process has commenced with the presence of unarmed police officers. The aged ones are given preference to vote.

At 8;20. Aramoko Ekiti, Ekiti west local government.
Ward 1(AMAROKO1) PU 023-Market Square Alele.
Voting yet to begin. Argument ensues between Voters and INEC officials.
INEC OFFICIALS accused of “delay tactics” by voters. Aged women sitting on chairs, getting ready to cast their votes.

Electoral materials yet to leave RAC 10, Emmanuel primary school, Ado Ekiti LGA at 8 a.m.
8:32am at Igbo Oloko/ODO ESE, opposite NEPA office, Ward A, Ijero local government. Accreditation and voting ongoing
8:34am: Voting activities have commenced in all the polling units visited in Ilawe Ekiti.
8:40am: Ward 7, Unit 2, Efon Alaye. Card reader is faulty and has hindered the voting process.

At 8:48 a.m. Amaroko Ekiti, Ekiti west local government, Ward 1 (AMAROKO1), PU 023 – Market Square Alele.
Many party agents present.
INEC OFFICIALS accused of “delay tactics” by voters.

At Ijero Ward A, PU 003. At 8:48 a.m. The electorates accuse some party agents of snapping the ballot papers, The security agents on ground have resolved it, while the accused party agents were asked to leave the polling booth.

8:58 a.m. RA 09, PU 15, Emure LGA. Total number of registered voters 228, Voting commenced at 8am. Two party agents represented; APC and PDP.
Accoring to Daniel Cecilia, the presiding officer “The problem was that the elderly ones can’t properly see and so family relatives assist. There are no magnifiers and no braille”.
The same challenge was experienced at PU 14, Ward 9.

Voting has commenced at St. David Primary School, PU 1, Afao.
The process is moving peacefully, but voters are complaining about the slow pace.
The unit is that of Governor Ayo Fayose who is yet to arrive to cast his vote.

At Voting Point 1 of Ward 9, Unit 12, LA pry sch, Ado Ekiti LGA. There are issues with the card reader (time not well set).

At Ise/Orun, Ward 2, PU 8, Onisa’s house, Idi Ose II; at 9:05am, an NSCDC officer and a police officer brought out two tear gas guns, but did not use them.
“This one now, e go dey helpful if anything happens,” the NSCDC official said.

[8:52 AM); The PO at Moba LGA, Erinmope 2, Unit 08, in person of Adediran Ahmed is complaining about the disobedience of the Party Agents to the security personnel.
At 8:48am, Moba LGA, Erinmope 2, PU 08. Voting in progress.
As at 8:53am, PU2, Usi ward Ido/Osi LG. Voting is ongoing and party agents are allowed to mingle with electorate,When brought to the notice of the police officer, he promised to have it rectified. Party agents for PDP and APC are present

Voters are having difficulties getting accredited in some parts of Ikole. The smart card fails to read PVC nine out 12 times it was tried at Polling Unit 003 in Ikole West Ward 1.

9:12am At Ijero ward A PU 004; accreditation/voting ongoing. The PO confirms that the card reader is working perfectly, and there is no record of any violence since they started the process by 8 am.

As at 9:11am at PU9, Usi ward Ido/Osi LG. Voting has commenced. Party agents were allowed to stay with and lobby the electorates; but it has also been brought to their notice and rectified.

Voters are having difficulties getting accredited. The smart card fails to read PVC nine out 12 times. it was tried at Polling Unit 003 in Ikole West Ward 1.

At 9:14am. the presiding officer at PU O07, Ogunsami house, Ayetoro 1 claimed voting has ended. However, it was observed that the card reader is not working and voters said no one has been allowed to vote. Two security officials were also present. Registered voters are 391. Voters are outside in the sun, while there is no solution to the card reader problem.

09:27am: Ward 8, Unit 2, Ojodi 2, Efon Alaye.
Voting ongoing, the old women are not on queue and there is controversy about who will assist the old ones.

Despite the early deployment of voting materials to Registration Area Centres on Friday, the electoral commission, INEC, failed to replicate success on voting day in the Ekiti State capital, Ado-Ekiti.
Ado-Ekiti has the largest voting population in the state.
As early as 7am, most polling units were filled with voters, but the electoral officials did not turn up at most of the units before the stipulated 8 a.m. voting time.
Voting actually started in most of the units at about 9 a.m.
PREMIUM TIMES observed that there were problems with vehicles, as not enough buses were available to carry the materials to the units.
Officials would not speak on it, but an electoral official at Unit 5, Ward 9, Alaworoko, said they had serious problems departing from the RAC.
“We actually started here by 9 a.m. We had problems arriving, but all that has been settled,” he said.

At 8:57 a.m., Ekiti west local government, Ward 2, Okeoja1, PU 023 AUD pry school.
The voters list was not pasted for all to see. When asked, the presiding officer said the list was not pasted because there was no place to do the pasting.

9:15pm Ward 2, Polling Unit 26; Ekiti West
Voters here are complaining about the delay of the card reader which they say takes about 20minutes to read a card.
Voters are suggesting they conduct the votes manually as the machine delays the voting process.
When asked, the presiding officer said he has to stick to the normal procedures of voting even if it takes longer than expected.

At Ewu Ekiti by 9:51 a.m.. The polling unit is court hall, unit 003, ward 01, Ilejemeje local government. There are 136 registered voters. On enquiry from the presiding officer, there has been a case of card reader rejecting a card thereby leading to the inability of the voter to vote. The case results from inadequate transfer. The female voter transffered but didn’t get the placement.

9:57am, Ward 7 – Idamudu 1, PU 002 near L.A primary school, Olorunda II; Accreditation and voting is going on peacefully with 292 registered voters on the list, There are 4 police officers on ground with one NSCDC officer.

At Ward1, Unit 1 in Irepodun-Ifelodun local government, where Governor Ayodele Fayose votes, accreditation and voting went on peacefully. But as at 10:00 a.m, the governor was yet to arrive the polling unit to cast his vote.
The security officials ordered those already voted to leave the vicinity or get arrested.
In another development, crisis erupted for about five minutes in Are-Ekiti, about five minutes drive to Afao, the governor’s home town in the local government. Some electorates attempted to chase away officials of the NSCDC.
The NSCDC officials had stormed a house following information that money was being shared to induce electorates. But some residents mobilised themselves to force the operatives away, arguing that it was a rumour sponsored by some politicians to discredit the landlord..
However, a policeman in the vicinity used tear gas to disperse the protesters and afterwards conducted adequate search in the house. Nothing incriminating was found. The security officers left the house and normalcy returned

Large turnout of voters in Ado Ekitit
There is an impressive turnout of voters across the polling units in Ado Ekiti.
In the polling units visited, many voters were noticed queuing up to exercise their franchise.
This is also expected because it is the local government with largest number of voters in the state.
So far, the process has been largely peaceful, with a few skirmishes occurring.
Besides an initial problem with a card reader at LA Primary school, Ilobe, the machines have largely been functional.
The enthusiasm is palpable, so also is the desperation of supporters whose actions have been the reasons for the contentions witnessed at the voting units.
The security personnel have had not much troubles due to the conduct of the voters.

Voting is peaceful across Ikole LGA. There is high voter turnout. No apathy amongst voters.

10:25am: Ward 09, PU 029, Igbara-Odo, Ekiti Southwest LG.
Voting has commenced and voters are seen on the queue. However, the card reader is very slow. Voters are using lime and wet tissue paper to wipe the thumbs of voters to enable the card reader detect faster. The voters appear patient and other things are moving peacefully.

A supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was manhandled by thugs believed to be loyal to the All Progressives Congress (APC) at Unit 9, Ward 8, Ado Ekiti local government area, in the presence of security officials at he unit.
She was only rescued after she had been beaten and after more security officials were drafted to the unit.
It was gathered that she was initially asked to leave the voting area because she was without a party tag.
Although she was later identified as a party agent, the APC supporters seized the moment to cause her harm.
She told PREMIUM TIMES that she was attacked because she had earlier refused to decamp with them to the APC.
She also said she was at the unit as a party agent but without a tag.
“One Olayinka Babawobe, he is a thug. He is the one who brought in three thugs and they started beating me.
“They ask me to kneel down, but I refused and they started beating me and the police were there.
“We were in PDP together and I was working PDP together. I was working for them, but they were taking the glory.
“When they were moving to APC, they called me but I refused.”
When PREMIUM TIMES arrived the scene, police officers were busy trying to pacify one of the thugs and urged him to leave the polling unit.
The woman was given a chair to sit and observed the voting between the two voting points at the unit.

At 9:51, Five polling units were covered at Ewu Ward 1, Ilejemeje LG, and the voting process was going on peacefully; except an alleged underage voter being questioned by the presiding officer about her age. She admitted being eligible to vote; but one of the voters who refused to disclose her identity said she is an underage and still in primary school

As at 10:08am, Ayetoro 1, PU 1, Ido-Osi, card readers are not working optimally. According to the presiding officer, police officers there are not doing enough to control the crowd. People are staying beside voting cubicles and ballot boxes and they are being allowed. Money is also being shared by agents of the two major parties, APC and PDP.

10:53. In Ward A, Unit 006, Efon local government. There is a rowdy session. The assistant presiding officer tried to assist a nursing mother and a pregnant woman stay in front on the queue. Most of the people on the queue refused.

Electoral officer for Ikole LGA says there is a low rate of card reader failure. He said elections are going smoothly just as we had independently confirmed earlier.

10:59am, Apostolic Faith/Oke Ope II, RA Idamudu II, PU 006, LGA 06. Accreditation and voting in progress as everywhere seems peaceful and orderly. There are 368 registered voters; four policemen on ground with one NSCDC officer.

10:53. In Ward A, Unit 006, Efon local government. There is a rowdy session. The assistant presiding officer tried to assist a nursing mother and a pregnant woman stay in front on the queue. Most of the people on the queue refused.

At ijero, Ward A, Unit 002, at 8:45 a.m. Name of PU Maternity
A angry man reported to security officials that a party agent was sharing money to people to snap their ballot papers and get paid if they vote for his preferred party.
Security operatives eventually arrested the man accused of sharing the money.
He was, however, released a few minutes later. He refused to grant an interview.

An agent of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at Polling Unit 012, Igbemo Ward of Irepodun-Ifelodun Local Government Area has reacted to financial inducement by an agent of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the unit.
Adetunji Ojo, one of the two PDP party agents at the polling unit, admitted his party also paid potential voters.
He said the APC out-muscled his party financially and there is nothing he can do about it.
PREMIUM TIMES posted video evidence of financial inducement at the polling until.
An APC party agent, Bello Dauda, was caught on video sharing N5,000 to voters.
Mr Ojo earlier challenged Mr Dauda for openly campaigning for APC.
Confronted with questions on inducement, he said the APC were able to come out top in the vote-for-money game because they offer more than his party.
“There is nothing we can do,” he said “We have left them with their destiny. That they (APC) win this PU does not mean they will the election.
“Because PDP’s tip is 3000, and it was shared yesterday; while APC’s is 5000 that is why you see what is happening.
He said some of those who collected money from APC voted for PDP.
“I didn’t vote for APC. I’ll be mad to do so. I’m the second party agent. That’s the first party agent,” he said pointing to another agency who declined to speak.
“In fact, some of those who collected APC money voted PDP so it is not an issue. It is a matter of who is smart.”
The APC and the PDP are the two major contenders in the governorship election.

As at 11:40 a.m., Governor Fayose was yet to arrive at his polling unit 001, St. David Primary School, Afao.
Journalists were still awaiting his arrival. Some of them who visited him were told he was sleeping.
Everyone on the queue at the polling unit have voted and most have left.

At 11:35 a.m., Ido Ile, Ekiti West Local Government Area, Ward 11(Odo Ajinare) PU 003.
Voting process going on peacefully. From a document pasted on a tank by INEC, there are 517 registered voters.

At Ikole, Ward 3, Unit 4, an attempt was made by three men – Sunday Owoeye, Segun Oni and Adewunmi (a.k.a. Pepper) – to snatch ballot box at Ward 3 unit 4 Ikole LGA. The three are said to be suspected APC thugs. Sunday Owoeye was taking away by a NSCDC vehicle.
PREMIUM TIMES witnessed it all.
Sunday Owoeye was immediately released upon arrival at Civil Defence office in Ikole town, beside First Bank. The state commandant of NSCDC, Solomon Iyamu, just told PREMIUM TIMES he will investigate the matter. The NSCDC guys were laughing with Sunday when they released him.

11:48am Ward 1, Unit 004 near Olowokere’s house – Ilogbo, Efon Alaye LGA. Voting is ongoing peacefully, although some of the electorates’ fingerprints are not coming up.

12:03: Ward 10, Unit 009, Ogotun, Ekiti Southwest. Total number of 304 registered voters. Almost everyone had voted as at 12:04pm. However, a lady who had issues with authentication of her card reader has been asked to prepare for manual accreditation.

12:17pm: Ward 8, Unit 1, Igbara-odo, Ekiti South-west LG. According to the presiding officer, a total of 294 voters are registered; but only about 45 per cent have voted. They await others until 2pm before they close officially.

Ballot box was snatched at Ward 6, Unit 12 of Efon LGA. According to an eyewitness who asked not to be named, some thugs snatched the box. At the time of arrival, nobody was around amidst panic by residents.

12:26 pm Efon Alaye ward 6, unit 12.
A woman living in the house said, they came in to disrupt the election, she added that the corps member ran away, and the guys went away with the ballot box, papers, stamps and other electoral material.

12:30pm: In Igbara-odo, Ekiti Southwest LG, most of the visited PUs witnessed INEC officials waiting for other members of the community yet to vote to come out and exercise their franchise before 2pm.

EkitiDecides2018: PDP candidate Eleka finally votes
The candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the governorship election in Ekiti State, Olusola Eleka, has eventually cast his vote.
Mr Eleka was earlier unable to vote at his polling unit 007, Ofomofuru Hall, Ward 2, Okokuru in Ikere-Ekiti, due to a malfunctioning card reader.
While expressing his displeasure earlier, he said he was the only person affected in the unit.
The situation was later rectified and he was able to cast his vote.
Mr Eleka, an associate professor, is currently the deputy to the incumbent governor of Ekiti, Ayodele Fayose.
The Ekiti governorship election is ongoing in the 16 local government areas of the state. There are 35 candidates partaking in the election. However, Mr Eleka and Kayode Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress are the top contenders. Mr Fayemi had earlier cast his vote.

#EkitiDecides2018: Large turnout of elderly voters
Many elderly people on Saturday came out to vote in the governorship election in Ekiti State.
PREMIUM TIMES noticed in many polling units visited that many elderly people of both sexes were assisted to the units by their relatives.
In some of the polling booths, some of the elderly people were seated on chairs waiting eagerly to be accredited before voting.
At polling unit 005, St Anne School, Isasa, the elderly female voters pleaded with the INEC officials to allow them vote early as the traditional ruler of the town performs a yearly rite today and they have to attend.
However, argument erupted at Usi ward; Ido/Osi LG as INEC officials allowed dependents to assist the elderly vote. This led to a mild protest which was resolved with the presiding officers providing such assistance henceforth.
At Aramoko Ekiti, Ekiti West Local Government Area, aged women were sitting on chairs waiting to cast their votes.
In Emure, the presiding officer, Daniel Cecilia, said some elderly persons had sight problems and and so relatives were allowed to assist them.
“INEC did not provide magnifiers and no braille,” the official said.
A similar challenge was experienced at PU 14, Ward 9 of Aramoko.

1:07pm – Islamic Primary School/Oremeji/Oguntase, Ward 06, Oke Emure II, PU 001, Voters are patiently waiting to continue the voting exercise after the process was halted due to reported violence in the area.

Governor Ayo Fayose finally arrives his polling unit at about 1:15 p.m. to vote

Man arrested with wads of cash at Are Ekiti by officers of the Nigeria police.
The man was driving past Unit 3, ward 2, when the police stopped and searched him.
The man, whose identity was unknown as the police prevented journalists from getting involved, was later released. The policemen who arrested him would not utter a word on the arrest.

2:13 pm: At Ward 1, Unit 1, Ise Orun LGA, the assistant presiding officer said she has since 2pm stood behind 11 voters queued up to vote. She said that voting started since 8am and that 442 people were registered in the unit.

As at 2:11pm, LGA 06, RA 01, PU 005, Odò Emure 1, the electoral officers have begun the sorting process. There are 179 accredited voters out of the 353 registered voters in the unit, according to Mohammed Abubakar, the presiding officer. He also lamented that the smart card reader was not able to authenticate cards on time.

PDP wins Fayose’s polling unit
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has emerged victorious in polling unit 001, Afao in Irepodun-Ifelodun Local Government Area
The polling unit situated at St. David Primary School is the unit of outgoing governor, Ayodele Fayose.
Sorting of votes started at 2 p.m. and this was followed shortly by counting.
At the end of the exercise, the PDP polled 304 votes while APC had 106.
See total results below:
AD – 1
ADP – 1
PDC – 1
Pandel — 1
APC – 106
PDP — 304
Void — 29

At 14:31. Ekiti West local government, WARD 1 (Aromoko1) PU 10
Unused Ballot Papers 217
Rejected 1

Ward 002
PU 008
Number of registered voters 540
Number of accredited voters 265
PDP 75
APC 160

Election Results
Ward 2, Unit 7, Moba LGA
Void 10
PDP 54
Apc 108
As at 3:pm

PU 10 RAC 10 Gbonyin LGA
PDP 157
APC 162
LP 1
Void 10
Total vote is 333

Ward 10 PU 13 ijan, Gbonyin LGA
PDP 93 APC 81

PU 15
RAC 10
Gbonyin LGA
PDP 141
APC 95
LP 1
Void 6
Total 245 accredited voters

RAC 1 PU 6 ward 10 gbonyin LGA… Result announced as at 2:30pm
PDP — 94
APC — 72
APDA — 1
YPD — 1
Void — 10

Ward 9, Unit 3, Efon Alaye LGA.
AA 1, APA 1,APC 36, PDP 65,
ODO ISE II, presiding officer – MGBECHI JOY UJUNWA
AD- 2
ADP- 1
APA- 1
APC- 144
PDP- 68

At Ward 9, Unit 5, RAC centre, Efon High school, Efon Alaye LGA APC 23, PDP 52, AD 1

At 1:30. Ekiti West local government, WARD 02 (Oke Oja) PU 026- Oke-Oja, Aromoko Ekiti.
Four men smashed and destroyed a ballot box and other materials

Ward 7, Unit 3, RAC center, Ijero LG
APC 106
PDP 40
Void 4
Registered voters 151
Accredited 151
Total valid vote 147

Ward 2, Unit 2, RAC center, St David pry school, Efon Alaye,
APA 1, APC 84, APDA 1, LP 1, PDP 58,

Ward 5, Unit 7, Ilawe, Ekiti Southwest LG.
Poll results:
ACD: 20
ADP: 1
APC: 67
PDP: 65
PPN: 1
Presiding Officer: Amagbor Pius

Ward 09, Unit 17, Igbara-odo, Ekiti Southwest LG.
Poll results:
Total number of registered voters: 256
Total votes cast: 115
Void: 15
APA: 1
APC: 57
DPC: 1
PDP: 38

Ward 5, Unit 9, Ilawe, Ekiti Southwest LG.
Poll results:
AA: 1
ACD: 9
AD: 1
APC: 55
DPC: 1
LP: 1
PDP: 51
PPN: 1
SDP: 1
Presiding Officer: Awotiku Akinwumi Johnson

Ise/Orun LGA, Ward 10, Unit 3 Aafin near open space Aafin Olurun
PDP – 32
APC – 67
PO – Uzoukwu Ngozi

Ise/Orun Ward 9, Unit 6 in front of Adunmi’s House
Total registered voters – 223
AGAP – 1
PDP – 37
APC – 42

Ward 1, Unit 11, Ilawe, Ekiti Southwest LG.
Poll results:
AA: 1
ACD: 25
AD: 1
AGA: 1
APA: 2
APC: 99
LP: 2
PDP: 21
YDP: 1
Presiding Officer: Fabanwo Oluwapelumi

At 14:31. Ekiti West local government, WARD 02 (Aramoko2) PU 027
Unused Ballot Papers 261

At 4:05pm, in PU 11 ward 10 gbonyin LGA, the PO and APOs were escorted out of the PU as Aggressive APC supporters accused them of counting most APC vote as void.

PU 3 has two voting points in RAC 9, Iluomoba, Gbonyin local govt; PDP (43+41) = 84; APC (132+ 121) = 253 ADP 1

Ise/Orun LGA; – Ward 06, PU 06, ORAYE 1, NEAR OLOKE TOBA’S HOUSE 4:00pm,
The presiding officer is EKEREKE KING
ADP-2, APA-2, APC-139, PDP-73, PPA-1

Ward 9, Unit 15 Ado LGA,APC:82 PDP:111

Ise/Orun LG: Ward 10, Unit 7 in front of Pastor Ado’s House/Temidire Street
Total registered voters – 177
PDP – 26
APC – 25
PPD – 1

LGA 06 – Emure, Ward 07 – Idamudu 1, PU 002 – Near L.A Primary school/Olorunda II, Total number of registered voters – 292
APC – 83
FJP – 1
PDP – 63
Presiding Officer – Adebayo Adedimeji

LGA 06 – Emure, Ward 07 – Idamudu 1, PU 002 – Near L.A Primary school/Olorunda II, Total number of registered voters – 292
APC – 83
FJP – 1
PDP – 63
Presiding Officer – Adebayo Adedimeji

Total registered voters – 298
PDP – 59
APC – 74

LGA 06, RA 08 – Idamudu II, PU 005, Emure LGA – Apostolic Faith/Oke Ope 1, Total number of registered voters – 291
ADP – 1
APC – 46
PDP – 70
Presiding Officer – Omotosho Olajumoke

RA 02, PU 004, near Roman Catholic Church, Emure LGA.
PDP 94, APC 139, APA 1, ADP 1.
Presiding officer Nureni Kazeem A..

4:25pm: We are at Ward 1, Unit 12, Ilawe, Ekiti Southwest LG, where we gathered that election started at 12:30 p.m. as against 8:00 a.m. At the time of visit, the Form 60E was yet to be pasted, after which we discovered that the PO and APOs were having some serious challenge with the election results.
The PO, Benedicta Vincent, said they first had serious challenge with the card reader as it failed to work for 1 hour 30 minutes. But later it started working but still with challenges along the line. She narrated further that after voting ended, the card showed 72 successes and 6 failures, which is 78 all together. The register however is showing 73 successes.
Speaking with the APO II, Jumoke Oladunni, she said since the mistake in result occurred, they have been trying to reach their SPO, but she has not been responding to them despite their explanations.
“We called our SPO, Mrs. Olowoyo. We continued calling her, she didn’t respond to us” she said.
At 4:30pm, the supervising officer picked her call.
“We have called her, she said we should solve it ourselves,” Benedicta said.
At the time of filing this report, the PO who happens to be a corps member appears confused on the next line of action to take.

Badaru Unit, Near Badaru House, Odò Emure 1, Emure LGA with 293 registered voters on the list.
APC – 71
PDP – 59
LP – 01
Presiding Officer – Olanrewaju Jimoh

5:00pm: Case of thugs are surfacing at Islamic Primary School, Ward 6 and also at the coalition center, prompting the electoral officials and security personnel to relocate to a temporary ward. Armed men positioned at the entrance with the combined efforts of police officers led by SP Wada Kabiru (Abuja) and SP Banawi (Osun)

Ikole West 1, Polling Unit 002 at Holy Apostolic Pry School. ACD: 1. ADP: 1. APA: 2. APC: 107. PDC: 5. PDP: 169.
Ikole West 1, Polling Unit 003 at Chief Oye’s House. APA: 2. APC: 96. NPC: 1. PDC: 2. PDP: 107. SDP: 1.
Ikole West 1, Polling Unit 1. Accord: 2. APDA: 1. PPA: 1. NPN: 1. PDC: 2. ADP: 1. APC: 140. PDP: 163. DPP: 1.

Erinmope 1, PU 004. Counting of votes commence.
PDP – 71
APC – 28
ACD – 1
APA – 1
Number of registered voters: 196
Accredited Voters: 106
Number of ballot papers: 200
Spoilt: None
Number of valid votes: 101
Number of rejected votes: 4

Erinmope 2, PU 009. Counting of votes commence.
PDP – 56
APC – 118
DPC – 01
NPC – 01
Number of registered voters: 389
Number of accredited voters: 189
Number of issued Ballot Papers: 389
Number of valid votes casted: 176
Number of rejected votes: None

Counting of votes started @ Erinmope 2, PU 004.
PDP – 92
APC – 131
Number of registered voters: 364
Accredited voters: 240
Number of ballot papers: 355
Spoil: None
Number of valid votes:223
Number of rejected votes: 16

Erinmope 2, PU 003. Counting of votes commence.
PDP 40
APC 27
Number of registered voters: 165
Number of vote casted: 71
Void: 2
No spoil ballot: None

At LGA 06, RA 08 – Idamudu II, Polling Unit 005 – Apostolic Faith/Oke Ope 1, the total number of registered voters is 291
ADP – 1
APC – 46
PDP – 70
Presiding Officer – Omotosho Olajumoke
This is the Polling Unit where the trending video of both APC and PDP bribing voters with N5,000 was recorded.

At RA 05, Polling Unit 005, near Rabiu Apesin House, Emure Local Government Area, the number of registered voters is 391. Emure LGA
PDP 93, APC 87, MPN 1.
The Presiding officer is Nwagarabe Chinyere Laura

As at 4:32 pm, voting is still ongoing at polling unit,1 Igbole /ifisin/aaye ward ido/osi LG.
As at 4:52pm PU9 Ifaki2 ward Ido/Osi LG according to the Assistant Presiding Officer 1, the card reader is not working well and although the Senior Presiding Officer has been told, he said there is nothing he can do about it .
Due to the fact that they are managing the card reader, verification is slow.

Voting is still going on at Oke Sasa/Akaso, Polling Unit 004, Ward 2, Ekiti East LGA at 6:05 p.m.

6:14pm – At LGA 06, RA Odò – Emure 1, PU 001, St Andrews Primary School/Olojido/Aderibigbe, some election officials are fleeing from the scene. The atmosphere is tense. Some of the fleeing officials scaled the fence of the school.

Ise/Orun LGA, WARD 2, PU 6, ODO ISE II:
ACD-1, ADP-1, APC-162, PDP-65, FJP-1, PDC-1, PPA-1, SDP-1

After collation of results of PUs in Ward 3, Efon Alaaye LGA, Ekiti:

Ward 11, unit 13 Ola Oluwa school Ado Ekiti
APC 371
PDP 740

Corpers at the INEC office, Emure Ekiti, while speaking to Premium Times, said N8,500 was given to them for allowance, feeding and transportation. However, they are still expecting N17,000 for the election job done today at various polling units. A male corps member, Adeoye, whose polling unit was close to Elemure’s palace confirmed the payment of N8,500 for training and other logistics which includes feeding and transportation. A female corps member, Tina, also confirmed the payment.

Ekiti Poll: PDP warns INEC against alteration of results

At Ward 5, Unit 11, Ilawe, Ekiti Southwest LG, we got information from the National Commissioner of INEC, May Igbamuche-Mbu, that the election results were cancelled after inks were poured on the ballot papers during the process of counting.

Ward 11, unit 13 Ola Oluwa school Ado Ekiti
APC 371
PDP 740

7:26 pm. At INEC office in Ijero LG, the collation officers are around. But they are waiting for the party agents.

19:47: The collation is about to start , at INEC office, Efon Alaye LGA.
An INEC staff has started addressing observers and party agents.
The LG collation chairman is a professor, J.T. Omole, from University of Ibadan.

The final collation of results has started at Ijero local government INEC secretariat.
The Ijero LGA collation Officer, Tijani Shittu, addressed security officials and a party agent present.
The electoral officer for Ijero, Mr Adekanbi, also addressed and welcomed everyone for the final collation
Only the APC agent was at the collation.
Mr Shittu said everyone would have to wait for another party agent before the final collation commences.

07:33, @INEC Office, Ilejemeje LGA, collation of result on going.
Iludun 1
No of Registered Voters: 1550
No of Accredited Voters: 805
APC 407
PDP 364

Iye 2, Ward 5
No of Registered Voters: 1631
No of Accredited Voters: 885
APC :460
PDP : 395
LP: 01
PPC: 02
Total valid vote: 870
Rejected votes: 14
Total votes cast: 885

Iye 1, Ward 4
No of Registered Voters: 1980
No of Accredited Voters: 1124
APC : 606
PDP : 468
Total Valid Vote : 1102
Rejected Vote: 22
Total Vote Count : 1124

No of Registered Voters: 1760
No of Accredited Voters: 817
APC 408
PDP 382

Iludun 2, Ward 9
No of Registered Voters: 1643
No of Accredited Voters: 915
APC 399
PDP 483

No of Registered Voters:
No of Accredited Voters:
APC 368
PDP 363

No of Registered Voters: 1936
No of Accredited Voters: 1096
APC :510
PDP :553
Total valid vote: 1082
Rejected votes: 12
Total votes cast: 1096

More results from Ilejemeje collation
Iludun 2
No of Registered Voters: 1643
No of Accredited Voters: 915
APC :399
PDP :483
APDA: 01
PDC: 02
Total valid vote: 891
Rejected votes: 24
Total votes cast: 915

Valid votes:878

Ilejemeje voting collation continues++++++++
EWU, ward 1
No of Registered Voters: 1726
No of Accredited Voters: 878
Ad: 01
APC :464
DPC: 01
LP: 01
PDC: 01
PDP : 384
PPN: 01
SDP: 05
Total valid vote: 862
Rejected votes: 16
Total votes cast: 878
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