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6 Jun 2018

See The 5 things To Never Share On a First Date in 2018

Here are five dating rules that are both a matter of etiquette and also necessary to ensure your safety.

There’s a dilemma to almost every first date. One on hand you want to be cool, forthright and engage in the best conversations while getting to know each other over a bottle of wine or a table-ful of food.

On the other hand, you want to be really careful so as not to give too much away because you literally do not know that person so much yet.
If it’s just the first date, you really don’t know them yet, no matter how much has been shared on instant messaging and over social media chats.
To find a balance to this situation, here are things you should not tell your date on the first time out.
playDon't mention your address no matter how excited you are. (Mphasho)

1. Home address

It’ll be too early to let him or her know your exact home address right away.
This would not be an issue if not for safety purposes. You really do not want someone knowing where you live too early. Imagine if the date turns out to be a terrible one. Do you want them stalking you afterwards?

2. Your income

It’s actually difficult to think of any first date topic that would require you to unavoidably mention your monthly wage or income.
So, keep it to yourself.

3. Your family wealth

It’s generally a good idea to keep yours and your family’s financial information and status private from people you’ve known less than a few months.
playKeep your financial information to yourself, too. (DestinyMan)

4. Family secrets

Try as much as possible to keep all conversations centered around you. If you must talk about your family, keep it to the basic things like number of siblings and where they’re from.
Never go deeper beyond these surface information to the point where you begin to speak of your family secrets.

5. Dark secrets

Never forget you are just meeting this person for this first time. Let this information be what guides the whole conversation.
You can’t meet someone for the first time and begin to divulge all about you to them. Don’t be guilty of too much information. An abortion, cheating with your friends girlfriend, etc are examples of this.
Also try as much as possible to leave out sensitive health issues from the list of things you are revealing.
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