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10 Feb 2018

Fishermen Left In Shock After Catching This Very Weird And Huge Fish (See Photos)

Some fishermen have caught a very huge and weird fish with long chain-like appearance leaving people stunned.
The saw fish caught by fishermen
A bizarre looking fish caught by some fishermen has left many people in serious shock. The fish known to be Sawfish, has a long chain-saw appearance. Some people who have not seen such a fish before have been left battled. It is not clear the location where the Sawfish was caught.
What you need to know about sawfish.
According to Aqua.org, Sawfish, are rays, although they have a body similar to a shark’s. The largetooth sawfish’s most prominent feature is its rostrum, also referred to as snout or saw, which has 14 to 23 large rostral teeth protruding from it, and comprises almost a quarter of the total length of the sawfish. Its body color can range from gray to greenish to golden brown, while its underbelly is cream-colored. 
Sawfish travel far up river systems and even live in freshwater. Sometimes, they may venture into bays and coastal marine habitats, especially during the dry season. Mature sawfish have occasionally been found in deeper ocean waters. 
A sawfish’s gestation period is believed to be about five months, and that females reprocuce every other year. There may be four to ten sawfish in a litter. The number of rostral teeth is fixed during development. The rostral teeth are formed, somewhat flexible, and covered by a thin membrane, but harden upon birth.
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