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21 Nov 2017


By Erdoo Ankwagh
Eunice Spring of Life Foundation (ESLF) has continued to tour Benue State with free quality medical service delivery. Today, the Primary Healthcare Centre at Tyowanye in Buruku LGA hosted the ESLF Medical Outreach Team where about a thousand general consultations, 50 surgeries, several eye screening, malaria tests, HIV and Hepatitis screenings were performed.

Dr. Akor Rijam, leading the ESLF Medical Outreach Team comprising 40 health experts, talked about the importance of adopting one of the various methods of family planning. Regarding eye care, Dr. Rijam delivered a brief talk on neutralizing everyday hazards and stresses suffered by the human eyes (dust, smoke, etc.) through daily flushing of the eyes with clean water. He also informed that protective measures like wearing sunglasses, fez caps and using umbrella while going out in the sun for extended periods should be inculcated to screen off sun rays as the intensity of same gradually but surely weakens the eye nerves.
Earlier, Dr Samuel Tor-Agbidye, a Senior Consultant on the ESLF Medical Team, enlightened the people about eating healthy, keeping fit and taking out quality time to rest.
The intervention continues tomorrow Tuesday 21st November 2017 at the same venue. It is hoped that at the end of the 2-day ESLF Medical Outreach, at least 2,000 general consultations, 5 eye surgeries and about 120 surgeries must have been performed for the good people of Buruku LGA.
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