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28 Sep 2017

“He Called Me 3 Times, But My V+g!na Still Swollen” (I8+)

From a reader:

I can not pick up his phone, although he kept calling me for 3 times, I knew how jaded he would be.
Every time he called me, my wobbling legs would tremble, for I recalled how hard he has penetrated me. his $perm had its redolent smell between my legs.
And his ringing made my that point wet again, but in a painful way.
It was too big to be comfortable , for me.
I just received, and felt like waiting to die, during the whole process.
I was terrified when he called me , I was too thrilled to pick up his phone. I wanted a big rod, but, it was too big!
It was not just the heat caused by the friction, but the memory he gave to me, was horrible, which was a 20 minute non-stop thrusting, while I was screaming to lose my voice, and mute for the most part of the motion.

Does that beast, who has worked on me for 20 minutes, have a sense ? he was a thrusting machine, without any kiss or tender touch . he was keeping one pose. I thought he would never ej+culate. my v+g!na lips were 2cm thicker than they used to be.
I just died for it this time. and I don’t know what to do with that man. definitely he can not be my husband, who will penetrate me for numerous times.
oh, we didn’t even have any pre-intimacy.
He gave me 2 pieces of cakes, and he str!pped off my und+erwear. and his rod inserted my lower body.
I could hardly utter a yell , for my mouth was still full of the crumbs the cakes.
And he fvcked on.
26 hours later, my v+g!na feels much better today. it returns to what it used to be. the swollenness has shrunk. but whenever I recollect the memory of that $3x, my mind reels, and my legs shake. I don’t know whether I can withstand even the recollection.
And after 2 minute indulgence of recollection, I would find the liquid from my v+g!na, has meandered down to my feet ankles.
I dont know when I will get over this…
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