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8 Sep 2017

Dear Men, Here's everything your babe wants you to know about sex

Despite repeated tips and advise, many guys still fail badly at making women sexually satisfied.

It is actually sad to realise that sometimes, you could be perfect at everything but terribly bad when it comes to making a woman happy and sexually fulfilled.
For women, sex is not only what you do, and it doesn't have to begin in the bedroom.
Even the littlest things could turn her on and earn you points as an ideal romantic lover.
Twitter user, The Ultimate [@TheUltimateLale], believes there are universal truths about sex that every guy should know about making women happy, and women expect men to know these things.
playWomen love it when you take the lead (Pinterest)
So what are the things your babe wants you know about sex and sexually satisfying her?
1. Put her first in all sexual activities. It is COMPULSORY. She will do you right afterwards. For sure.
2.  Women get turned on by simply seeing that they have messages from you. Very simple, isn't it?
3. Saying "I love you" before, during and after sex doesn't count at all. 0 points my brothers. Don't say it.
4. Most of the time when a woman fantasizes, it's about you, bruh.
5. women love it when you hug them from behind and whisper in their ears.
6. Women are unimpressed by a man who can't or doesn't take the lead.
They find it sexy almost all the time.
7. Oral sex is your get out of jail free card. Buying her shoes might work, too.
But oral sex is the greatest. Your girl can't say no to you when you eat her cookie well.
8. Even good girls love hushed dirty talk in public.
9. If she refuses sex with you it's either she is having a bad day, blackmailing you to get something or she isn't feeling connected to you.
10. Keep your fingers clean always, man. Women get urinary-tract infections easily.
11. Women love grabbing ass too. Let them [grab your ass whenever they feel like it.].
What if you actually need to go through the hoe phase
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What if you actually need to go through the hoe phase
 (The Black Board)

12. If you surprise her with more gifts, you get more loving, more sex.
13. Her breasts love much licking and sucking.
14. Her ass loves much grabbing.
15. Her tummy loves much rubbing.

16. Her kitty loves much stroking and purring.
17. Women like porn too.
18. Sexting is a form of foreplay you should be good at. Except your babe does not like stuff like that.
19. Women have sexual fantasies. Learn hers and help her live it.
20. You should have known all of this earlier. [Now you do, though. Go flourish with this information]
This insightful list [except number 18 and 19 ]was first published on Twitter by The Ultimate [@TheUltimateLale].
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