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29 Aug 2017

Why Nigerian Ladies Prefer UGLY Guys

I use to be a part of one start-up Youtube show where Nigerian youths talked about random stuff that all youths could relate to and it was awesome. There were loads of fine boys and fine girls there but the fan favourite was this dude called Justin, Most liked him because he was funny and I also liked hearing what he had to say on the show.
Things started to get annoying when chicks on my Instagram and at my office started asking me about him telling me to ‘Link them up’ with him. At first, I found it funny but after a while it started to piss me off, out of all the good looking boys on the show ‘Why Justin’. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not ugly at all and he’s well spoken and funny as hell, but there were other better looking dudes on the show that should make the panties of all the ladies wet, so why Justin.

As usual one of my IG followers slid into my dm’s and asked me about Justin and then I asked her ‘What the hell do all you ladies see in him’, ‘he’s not that good looking so why do you girls trip for the most average looking dude on the show’, then she gave me some answers and well, I decided to break the answers down and turned it into an article.

Before we dive into the reasons, let me segway a bit and gist you. So I left the Youtube show where I met Justin because I felt I could do better and started directing my own show where I currently work, click HERE and HERE to watch some episodes, or if you’re too lazy to click just watch the video below.

This is why Nigerian girls prefer Ugly guys to the fine boys

LESS COMPETITION: I can relate to this. If you’re a girl and I’m tripping for you, the moment that I see that too many guys are on your case I’d tap out and move on. To be honest, nobody likes to fight for someone’s attention, thus Nigerian girls believe the less attractive you are the less competition they’d have in getting you.

DRAMA: This goes hand in hand with competition. Dating a fine boy is quite hypertensive, you can best believe that girls who are better than you are sliding into his DM’s on a regular and for all you know he might have three other main girlfriends apart from you and best believe there are 5 other sidechicks begging to be promoted to main girlfriend.

ESTEEM ISSUES: Well, most girls feel they are not good enough to date handsome boys or guys who are finer than they are, so they go for the next best thing. Ugly/average looking guys. They know gthat these guys don’t have that much options so when they slide into the guys dm’s he’d be happy that a human being with a vagina is toasting him.

UGLY BOYS APPRECIATE YOU MORE: If by chance I dated DJ Cuppy or Dangote’s daughter, I’d appreciate the shit out of her and worship the floor she walks on. Am I ugly? Fuck no, on a bad day I’m a 7/10, but the thing is those millionaires daughters are way out of my league (for now fam, for now) and I know it. So I’d do my best to pamper them and not loose them. Same goes with ugly boys and girls who are finer than them

MONEY(SOMETIMES): This doesn’t relate to the Justin issue, but no matter how ugly you are, if you’re rich ALL girls would chase you and do your bidding.
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