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6 Aug 2017

See three alternative sweeteners to use instead of sugar

Sugar is a staple of most of our lives. Our teas, soft drinks, pap, custard, porridges, even our baked food gets a great dose of sugar regularly. Research has shown that on an average, we take in almost 400 calories of sugar every day.

Sugar on its own is not bad; it is needed for every bodily function as the body burns it to produce the energy for our day-to-day activities. However, most of the sugar we consume is artificial, processed sugar that does us more harm than good, activating the storage of fat and inducing excessive insulin production to break them down. This is why other, natural, more beneficial options for sweetening food are needed.

The full benefits of honey are gotten when it is raw and unadulterated. Honey has a very low caloric load at 64 calories per tablespoon and has many other health benefits when substituted as a sweetener.
Dates are another natural way to sweeten your food and drinks. They are packed with minerals like copper and magnesium and play a function in the breakdown of fat and proteins in the body. The date fruit can be peeled and pureed into a paste and then introduced into liquid foods.
Fruit jam made purely from fruits is a great way to sweeten food. Fruit sugar, fructose, is needed in metabolic processes of the boy and thus it is directly utilised when digested. Berries, apples, grapes and pear jams are great sugar replacements.
Bananas are rich in fibre and high in fructose and vitamin C. Overripe bananas are perfect for making into a paste and using as a sugar replacement. Bananas are naturally very sweet and add a unique subtle flavour to food.
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