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3 Aug 2017

How My Female Boss Tricked Me and Tried to R*pe Me in Her House - Banker Reveals

A female banker has narrated the sad story how her female boss nearly r*ped her after inviting her to her home.
*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
In continuation of the r*pe stories by people who were betrayed by those they trusted, Olu Bunmi has shared a story of a victim who was nearly r*ped by her female boss if not that she fought back.
Read the sad story below:
Her female boss tried to 'rape' her... yes. Woman to woman.
Hello sis... 
It was not a him... But a SHE!!!
I was one of the youngest staff they had... Straight out of school ... 22 and naive!  She was treasurer at the bank I worked in. Got to know that apart from my job at the bank. I also catered on the side. She seemed really nice. I didn't suspect anything .. She travels: I get clothes... Monetary gifts: for no reason. I didn't know she was trying to "da omi tutu sile" (soften the ground).
Invited me to her place in Lekki to help with catering for an event. 
Several times she would come to the kitchen under the guise of checking on me. 
Long story short. She told me to come and collect my money upstairs. She was naked, there was a much younger girl in the room too, on the bed, also naked. I felt embarrassed.
She asked me if I had never seen a naked woman before. Didn't answer.. Stood by the door, looking out. Stupid me. Next thing she had asked me to come and collect my money, as I moved closer... She opened her legs, and said... If I would go down on her, she would give me all of the money she had in her hands, I moved back. Said no. The girl on the bed got up and came towards me. With a look I didn't like.. So I moved further out of the door. next thing I heard was "maa je ko lo o" (don't let her go) she caught up with me as I ran.. Pulled my top from. The back... "my boss" too came after me... The only thing I could do was shout... I was yelling "Jesus.. Jesus.. Jesus" non stop... She kept telling me to stop saying that. I didn't. They came at me.. The two of them... The younger girl tore my top. ..
I thought "this is the end" I was crying and fighting back, throwing my legs wildly.. Kicking at the person on the other end... "my boss"! and shouting Jesus at intervals... I think I hit her so hard at some point and I couldn't be controlled.. She told the other girl to let me go. As soon as she did. With my torn top and disheveled state. I just ran. I ran and ran... Out of the estate she lived in. Got to the gate. Couldn't breathe. Sat on the floor. No money, nothing. I took a cab home. The taxi man kept giving me weird looks. Got home and collected money from my neighbor who had a shop downstairs to pay my fare. Went to work on Monday... She was acting funny. Invited me to her office at some point to say she was trying to upgrade me and I failed. That's she's found herself an African queen to replace me. Needless to say. Work became torture. She would say when she was giving me gifts, why didn't I say no. I left a few weeks after. I was scared. She didn't have to threaten me. 
She's a big madam now. Sometimes... I feel like throwing a spanner in her works... Just for the fun of it... Still... What will people think about me... No. Sometimes I remember and I fight back all over again.. I breakout in sweat, I cry and shout Jesus. Till now.. I do not accept "gifts" of any kind any how... If I can't afford it.. It means I do not need it.
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