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5 Aug 2017

2019 Polls: PDP Winning The Game Beyond Assumption

By Hon. Alfa Zekeri

Politics is defined by winning the game above the expectations of your opponents and ensuring you clear the doubts of democratic foes who may tend to crash the goodwill of your manifesto.

Personally, I still introspect on a daily basis to understand the critical shock reckoning among the enemies of PDP, because we have recovered from their kindergarten aspirations beyond reasonable doubts. Reflect on the antecedents of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and you will agree with me that a party that ruled Nigeria for 16 years cannot be deterred by the evil predictions, blame games and empty propagandas championed by its opponent.

Let me clearly buttress this fact: the opinions of persons about a group does not call for an extinction of their interest rather it sets the stage for party to bank on their thoughts championing a cogent headway devoid of their parochial yearnings. This is the case study of the PDP.

There are hopes for the Ahmed Markafi led PDP because his cardinal motives for the party and Nigeria is people oriented and all encompassing. The mass exodus of politicians returning to the party in the aftermath of Markarfi's victory at the Supreme Court is a lucid pointer that there are better days ahead. Asserting from this point, I wish to call on the rest members of the party who are still basking in the self dignified confusion of moribund thoughts, should as a matter of urgency return to the party because their new switch can never suit the Nigerian interest.

Let me present to you facts which are sacred, and can never be disputed:

It is not a rare privilege for a party to rule the most populous country in Africa for 16 years. It is rather a rare feat. The PDP is the largest political party in Africa and the most coordinated party in the 21st century. The interwoven landmarks of the party remains indelible and this will serve as a stepping stone to maximise the potentials in their future endeavors. Failure is not a subject in the PDP because winning is our sole right justifying our intents and purpose.

Positing in the lines of a political analyst, 2019 is a redemption time for the PDP. This is the best time to harmonise all and sundry steering a course for a better Nigeria irrespective of personal interest and gains. Nigerians must unite their dreams with a party that can deliver electoral promises, this stance is justified by the facts that is inherently glaring in the frontiers of the Nigeria political scene.

This is the best time for us to learn from the past mistakes and equitably realise the gains of democracy. The esteem of the party has been revamped by the recent victory of Senator Ahmed Makarfi and we must embrace this opportunity now with a sincere pursuit of democratic zeal. The time to act is NOW.
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