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26 Jul 2017

This is the worst breakup ever, but there's a lesson here for you

A Facebook user, Aminah Dupree’s story has caught attention lately, after she narrated her ordeal with her supposed boyfriend who dumped her to marry someone else in the cruelest fashion.

On July 20 2017, shares a wedding photo and writes:
“The guy I’ve been dating for the past 2 years (known for 17) and last seen him on Sunday, (yes this Sunday, July 16)…spending the day together blah blah blah…
"[He] got married on Monday! (Yes this Monday, July 17)
"Now I don’t normally do this BUT I’m so tired of being ‘the bigger person’ the positive person, the one people sleep on [be]cause they think I’m nice…
"If you ask about me… I’m not that fucking nice.
"Now everyone say congrats to the newlyweds for me please, because for some reason I wasn’t invited.”
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playAminah's Facebook post expressing shock after finding out that her boyfriend married someone else after spending the previous day with her. (Aminah Dupree / Facebook)

People who believe men are worse cheats than women will have another evidence to prove their point because of the cruel treatment this woman apparently suffered by her supposed boyfriend, Rasean Williams.
However, the truth is that men cheat and women cheat. Cheating should be attached to individuals, and not their genders.
People are just so messed up that the way they treat other people is nothing but a reflection of how terrible they are - not their partner, and certainly not their gender.
Having said that, what’s most impressive of the story is that the woman later deletes the post and shares another one, apologizing to the guy and his new wife and making peace with the whole thing.
playAnother post showing that the hurt lady has made peace with the whole thing. (Facebook / Aminah Dupree)

She writes:
“I just want to apologise to my friend of 17 years and hus wofe of three days for this.
I’m hurt and hurt, people, but I asked God to remove any and everything from my life that wasn’t for me and my friend who I fell in love with is one of those people I guess…”
It is actually interesting to see someone quickly make peace with something obviously so hurtful.
Of course it couldn’t have been easy and really, her case should be a radical departure from the way most women handle bad heartbreaks as this.
But the lesson stands: not every relationship you lose is indeed a loss. Sometimes, you just have to be cheerful that some things, situations and people unravel quickly enough for you to see just how bad they are for you before committing too deeply to them.
Ghosting leaves you gloomy, and emotionally drained
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playNot all loss is indeed a loss. Time could reveal just how lucky you are to 'lose' some partners. (VoizAfric)

According to gist website, ORC, Rasean did not just do this to Aminah. He’s done it to several other women who all dropped receipts of his devious ways.
Imagine what his new wife would be feeling like, finding out the kind of guy she just committed her life to.
One gets the picture of why Aminah shoukd feel grateful despite the harshness of ‘breakup.’ She just escaped falling in a major ditch.
This story is a lesson in forgiveness, accepting things you’re too powerless to change, and of course, it shows perfectly that while breakups could sting and hurt, every lost relationship is not really a loss.
Sometimes, one has to just accept that fact and move on with love and life.
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