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6 Jul 2017

See 5 Occupations That Make Most Married Women Cheat

Wives cheating on their partners might not necessarily be dependent on profession or occupation but there are some professions that make women prone to cheating on their husbands/partners. Below are some of these occupations: 

1) POLITICS: Many female politicians, especially, in this part of the world, are nothing short of glorified prostitutes. These set of people, desparate just like their male counterparts, will not mind sleeping with all the political figures in their state just to clinch the position of a local government chairperson or even ward councillor!

2) ACTING: There is an African proverb that says 'He who brings ants-ridden woods into his house should not complain when lizards pay him visit'. With the kind of stories we hear about the movie industry these days, any man who marries an actress should not complain when it starts. One wonders how most of these actresses leave their matrimonial home within the shortest possible time after marriage. From movie set to hotel room...na clap deh dey take enter dance. How many sane and responsible man would tolerate his wife kissing random men passionately on screen, still knowing fully well what marriage is suppose to be? 

3) MODELING: Just like actresses, models have high possibilty to cheat in marriage. Her body is perfectly in shape; many men want her irrespective of her marital status. They want to have a taste of the Oripopo! What most of our models do behind closed doors just to get modeling contracts is shameful; marriage doesn't stop them from having extra-marital fun! With the things young ladies now do to win beauty pageants, I wouldn't wish an enemy of mine to marry a model as far as he understands what marriage entails.

4) BAR/RESTUARANT BUSINESS: If your wife runs this type of business, she probably see different men of diverse characters on daily basis who are ready to lavish their monthly income regularly on sex and alcohol. If you as the man has nothing tangible doing, it makes the case worse! Seriously speaking, without being biased, it is very difficult if not impossible to see a decent lady operating a bar/restaurant business in Nigerian cities! I tell you today, these set of people cheat as if tomorrow would never come!!!

5) BANK MARKETING: There is an African proverb that says 'Because a woman conceived for you doesn't mean she can't kill you'. Female bank marketers are mostly prone to cheating on their partners since they meet large business owners often due to the nature of the job. Nowadays, the number of women who place a good amount of value on marriage is steadily declining. With this, most female bank marketers will easily go to bed with rich clients just to keep their job and make more income. It's shameful but true.

In as much as some folks claim the average African man is naturally positioned to enjoy different women even when married, I don't see cheating in marriage or committed relationships as something proper for both sexes. I personally has cultivated the habit of dating one lady at a time. With this, I won't hesitate to throw a cheating partner out of my life through the window!

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