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30 Jul 2017

Relationship Is For Those Who Are Willing And Ready To Forgive Each Other

Our intention most times determines the success of our relationship, not what anyone says.

Like we know that it is never possible for two people who are blood related to stay with each other for little period of time without offending each other.

So also, it is paramount that we know that two who are not related by blood nor gender can never be together in the name of love and expect an offense-free relationship.

Personally, i feel when your partner go wrong it makes you know more about them and how to handle them in the future.

I understand there are some offense that are hard to forgive, but love knows no offense as it even forgives before any offense is committed.

I have heard, read and witnessed some extremely bad situations whereby the partners of those involved still overlooked the sin and moved on happily.

One thing i used to tell those who care to listen to the sense making relationship nonsense that i say or write especially when they need to forgive their partner is that it can be anyone's turn, and it can be the other way round the next minute because we are humans and not spirit.

In a relationship, which other offense is greater than seeing your partner whom you have sacrificed all for moaning in confirmation of a great sexual experience under someone else?

For your information, I have seen couples who still moved on together after the above happened.

Believe me, it is never easy to forgive one's partner after such experience, in fact, many people will tell you to even run as far as possible from such partner.

Most times you take some decisions on your own when it comes to relationship because other are blind when it comes to what you see in your partner as they don't know your desires and the point of attraction.

This is not about the sacrifice or desperate measures you've taken to sustain the relationship, but the love making you to be as foolish enough to see reasons why you must forgive your partner.

This post is not just about cheating, it can be anything else apart from cheating.

The fact is that offense and forgiveness is what makes many relationship or marriage to be as strong as they are.

Remember, you are not a perfect man, neither is she a better woman, we are all striving to be the best to our partner.

And as your partner is trying all to be better for just you, you need to be ready to give room for mistakes.

I don't want to give some of the examples I have witnessed so as not to look as if I am on the side of one gender, because to me we are all the same, what is good for one goose is good for another goose.

As I am preaching forgiveness, it should make us to try harder at achieving great union free of scandal and divorce which is rampant this days.

This should make those that cheat see reasons why they must stop as it harms the partner emotionally.

Those that abuse their partner physically and mentally should also stop as the pain inflicted on your partner is more than your understanding, don't take the spirit of forgiveness which accompanied the love for granted.

In case you don't know; the day your partner stops forgiving you is when they stop loving you.

Don't abuse the spirit of forgiveness, don't do it to the point that your partner will see nothing attractive in you anymore.

Love is blind they say, you may not be the one to share the experience when the blindness receives healing.

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