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7 Jul 2017

For Men Only: See Big reasons why your woman fakes those orgasms

Fake orgasms is a fear every man knows and a practice most women pray to never have to resort to.
It is an indictment of a man's sexual abilities.
It tells that you never or hardly ever gets it right, such that your partner often feels sorry for you and has to pretend that she achieved an orgasm so as to make you feel good... or just so that you'll stop and let her rest.
However, it has to be said that every fake orgasm is not always the fault of the man as some women cannot achieve orgasms except by clitoral stimulation only.
So why, then do women fake orgasms during sex?
1. Her tiredness
Relationship Vlogger, Uwanma Odefa says on 'Love, Sex and Everything in Between' that when women are tired but do not wish to deny their partner sexual gratification, they could give off fake moans of satisfaction so that their partners would wrap things up quickly and let them sleep.

2. Your fault
When your partner fakes orgasms, it could be because you are fumbling your way around too much and not actually pleasuring her at all.
A woman faking orgasms could be your fault… it could be because you are not doing it right.
3. Her inability
Then there are women who actually cannot achieve orgasms no matter how much they wish to, or no matter how hard they try.
Some other women can only achieve orgasms through stimulation of the clitoris. So no matter how much you hump and toil with such woman in sex, she really won’t achieve orgasm and faking it could be the way to get you to stop.
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