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17 Jun 2017

Rev. Father Emmanuel Obimma Blasts President Buhari (Watch Video)

Father Emmanuel Chibuzor Obimma popularly known as Ebube Muonso has lauded the Igbo people of Nigeria for their industrious and resourceful nature.

The cleric who was speaking on a crusade ground in one of the states in the South East noted that despite the economic hardship the Igbos were subjugated to immediately after the war, they soared through and today became more greater than they were.

Ebube Muonso berated President Muhammadu Buhari whom he described as an empty brain and his kinsmen saying that one Igbo man is equivalent to five hundred Hausa men.

The cleric said this when he told his congregants that the greatest mistake Buhari made was to arrest the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu whom according to him intentionally set a trap for the President.

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  1. Ebube monso, berating a brother Priest

    Ebube monso said publicly that he was praying in the bush and a cobra came and swallowed him and spat him out. He claims it is the holy spirit but with this cobra story, it is the serpentine spirit and cobra anointing he has been using to grow his ministry, leading innocent souls to Perdition.

    He has been copying Fr Mbaka, copied his name, his music, and now sells water, does he want to now answer Fr Mbaka?

    Some years ago, he claimed he was attacked by armed robbers who shot at his vehicle and he remained un hurt, how are we sure this was not perpetrated by your cobra anointing all in the name of copying father Mbaka?

    You can copy Fr mbaka in other things but you cannot copy his humility, kindness and respect for other priests. He honoured and respected late Fr Njoku, Father Ede etc and yet you that is just a mere 4 year old Priest, just from the seminary cannot honour and respect him. He is not your mate and can never be a match to him, no matter your castigations and insults that you throw at him. Better be careful before you receive God's wrath, it is written, "touch not my anointed".

    Father Mbaka has made the audience realise that Jesus in the Eucharist is the Healer, with you we are not sure were your power is coming from, if you do not want to be a Priest again, leave Fr Mbaka alone. Enough of your lies, you have been making up stories how he gossiped with Nnamdi Kalu's name, why don't you tell us details of this gossip backed with evidence. You have been publishing untrue stories that Fr Mbaka was in East London on the 5th of September 2017, he was in the chapel praying, where did you get your stories from and why do you forge stories like this? what has Fr Mbaka done to you that you keep attacking him unnecessarily?

    You are the one that sponsored the "Mbaka why" music and you call yourself a man of God.

    You have travelled to London several times, infact 3 times this year, has Fr Mbaka abused you? Has he spread lies about you? Has he published your photo on the internet with false allegation?

    You always insist that we must put a substantial amount of money in our prayer request and seal it in an envelop, You in front of the blessed sacrament inside the church, picked up the basket of prayer requests and started throwing away any request that was not in an envelop and without money. We do not think Jesus is like this and will do this sort of thing.

    Although we are your friends but we are detaching ourselves from your ministry and from you, so that when God starts to curse you, it will not affect us. We do not believe a word of what you say anymore.

    You need to explain to the whole world why you cannot go to South Africa because someone was murdered in the cathedral during one of your programs. Also in Uke, last year, at least 10 people were killed by Armed Robbers, are you sacrificing people to get power? If care is not taken, you may be banned from London too and other countries. Why are you trying to cause problems for Fr Mbaka.

    You should desist from your attacks on your brother Priest cos it will not lead you anywhere. Father Mbaka is a great man anointed and had his prophetic, healing, deliverance gifts right from when he was in primary 2!! A true gift from God

    A word is enough for the wise.


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