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18 Jun 2017

Here's why I cheated - 5 confessions from real people

Three women and two men explain their reasons for infidelity.

Cheating has been condemned and spoken against over and over again, yet it firmly remains a reality.

Heck, with the commonness of the things one hears, cheating and infidelity might as well even be on the rise
But why do people keep up this act regardless of its destructive effects, and even though they could just avoid the temptation?
5 people who have treaded this path reveal their reasons for doing so:

1. I got fed up

“I fell out of love but was too scared to tell him and too embarrassed to admit to myself that the relationship was done.
I needed a way to end it by making him end it for me. It was cowardly, I know." — Oge, 23
Long distance relationship issueplayI git fed up of the whole relationship (Dr. Christina Watlington)

2. Misinformation

"I felt all men cheated and so I should just strike first. That was a huge mistake.” — Gift, 31

3. Different sexual needs

"He was steadily becoming more religious, and what we wanted out of our sex life was very different. The decision to embrace his brand of religion only worsened the case.
“I ended up shagging a guy from work” – Natasha, 27
Cheating womanplayOur sex life nose-dived (iDateDaily)

4. Long distance

“My babe was posted to Kaduna for NYSC and I was in Lagos. It was difficult to hold in the need for sex and I caved after four months.”
“I’m not proud of my actions though, and till today, she still does not know about it.” – Bamidele, 28
Mistakes women make at sexplayWomen were hitting on me (Shutterstock)

5. Women were hitting on me

"I cheated on my girlfriend because I could. This was about 5 years ago when I went for three weeks orientation camp in Ondo state.
"About 4 girls in my platoon were coming on to me pretty strongly.  I slept with two of them after camp but more painfully, I felt no remorse doing it.
"I had to break up with my girlfriend for some other silly reason because I felt she deserve someone better than I was at the time" – Ikenna, 26.

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