I have read on several media platforms about the Swem especially when the Executive Governor of Benue StateSamuel Ortom said that the next Tor-Tiv will take his Oath of Office with the Holy Bible and not the Swem Karagbe.
I would not want to write about the history of the Swem Karagbe because much has been said already. More so that, all that I know about the Swem is what I heard from my ancestors who were also told, so I see no need authoring a book about Swem Karagbe when it reign has already faded.
Going by the history of the coronation of the past four Tor-Tiv we have had so far, the Swem and the Holy Bible are synonymous the the exercise, they neither new nor strange. While Tor-Tiv(III) took his staff of office by taking an Oath with the Holy Bible, the remaining three took theirs with the Swem. The significance of that has high spiritual implications of the Tiv nation.
Today as I write, almost every Tiv man both young and old professes Christ or simply put, are Christians. It only right to say that the since the majority of the subjects are now Christians, they should not be placed in the hands of a different god other than the one they now believe.
The last time I checked on the profile of many who are lamentating over the Governor's statement, I observed some strange things that did not only got me confused but also made me doubt their sincerity over the matter.
You have children who are more than 10 years yet they don't know the road to their village, some are even grown up and in the university but only know their from a certain local government in Benue State.
You don't want them to go to the village in fear of witches and wizards, even you are afraid of your kinsmen that they may be kill you so you don't allow them to visit your house or spend a night there.
You are that type go from one Revd Father, Pastor, Prophet in search of protection from spiritual forces. There bottles of olive oil littered all over your house, cans of holy water and other special ointments from funky men of God in your house.
You pray overnight for 15 minutes for God to kill all you enemies
You brought several nannies to your house and always return them to the village that they are possessed by demons simply because they are always sleeping during devotion but forgot how you overload them with house activities beyond their strength.
If I have succeeded in describing an aspect of your life, do you really think you have moral justification to call for promotion of Swem Karagbe? Are you just playing politics on the matter or you really need the Swem Karagbe, are you sincere at all?
As far as I am concerned, Swem Karagbe has been killed by the present generation. The Swem Karagbe in it reign abhors the several practices that has engulfed my generation.
*Swem detest Iyuhe (jealousy) but it is now a common practice
*Few Tiv sons and daughters marry as virgins but are a rear specie at the point marriage
*Respect for elders and authority is lacking.
Let me pause before I become a promoter of Swem Karagbe. The God of Bible also detest these act of indecency, corruption, pervasion, rascality and others but is ready to forgive those who repent but Swem Karagbe has nothing like forgiveness. This explains why calamity has befallen us in Tiv land.
Let me say again that for you to be qualified to promote Swem Karagbe, you must also not be guilty of the acts abhors by Swem Karagbe. Are you really qualified to talk about
I encourage those who are ranting at the decision of Governor Samuel Ortom embrace the Bible and save Tiv nation. Have we not suffered enough in the hands of Swem Karagbe by afflicting the land with wars from within and all our neighbours?
As for me and my family, we go with the Holy Bible and we stand with Governor Samuel Ortom!
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