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6 Nov 2016

Miss Anambra, Cucumber Lesbian Scandal: Anambra Renowned Politician Opens Up On How The Video Was Leaked

A well respected anambra citizen and a one time contender for a seat in Anambra house of assembly, Emeka odidika posted this on His social media handle;
I know my brother and my good friend Chinonso Odinanwa
Udenna will attack me upon reading this:
But lets pound on this…still on Chidinma’s leaked video and
from my little investigation. Especially why i said Chidinma
Okeke knows the source of her video and must talk now else
remain silent forever.
Pound on:
…before the Miss Anambra Beauty Contest, a certain Jane
(the girl covering the video) brought a link of a certain man
(only known by her) to Chidinma and co saying that the
person will sponsor their contest to become Miss Anambra
and make them win if only they will act a lesbian video.
…after the said act, same Jane marked and sent to the
supposing sponsor all the videos recorded so far.
….after that contest and Chidinma Okeke won the pageant,
she has been paying a N100,000/N200,000 respectively every
week to keep the video of the unwanted viewers but was
caught in the act when she could not pay any more.
And i ask:
…(To my source) is the said Jane an alien or untouchable
that she cannot be apprehended to give lead to the
…If the video was recorded to make them win the pageant, do
we not see reasons to bring ABS into this even when my
source claimed that ABS is not behind that?
…who is the invisible man that sent Jane to come and
represent him and what is his relationship with Jane?
…how can unknown man to Chidinma Okeke and ABS
influence her winning of Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant and
yet they still claim they don’t know the man?
Pounding the more:
…who knows how many of our sister they have there SEX
TAP and yet some people wants the issue to die natural
We all in one way or the other have got beauty queens coming
from out towns and some are of Anambra Pageant…what if
they are victims of same act and someday, maybe when they
violate terms, theirs will be leaked too?
The truth is that it’s barbaric to sweep this under the carpet
and that is why we are going round round in development in
this side of the world.
There is nothing wrong in asking questions and only questions
will give solution. I don’t think many of us mean any harm
trying to get to the bottom of this demonic expose but to save
our future of such. The deed has been done…YES!! That’s
what you will say but the deed will repeat itself with your
sister or friend if not properly taken care of and then the
Fact is that we must not allow this to die this way…point
accusing fingers constructively and who knows, you might
give a lead to save the next victim.
Then to the girls:
You must not be a beauty queen to achieve your desired
height in life…
When sent to school, face your studies and contest when you
have the resource to see yourself through…
Stop making the world take advantage of you thereby looking
less a creature…
You must not be Linda Ikeji or Agbane Derago to make the
kind of wealth you want in life…
You can be Chimanda Adichie with just your pen and nobody
will ask you to act porn to achieve that…
Think about tomorrow and save our generations to come this
regrettable discuss.
At last, i wish to state that am with Chidinma Okeke and i’m
using this little medium to urge her…SPEAK OUT!!!!
Taking asylum is not the solution…else you save your face a
little, its going to be a generational discuss because igbo tribe
is not known for porn.
We are known for decency and nothing but decency…thou
Even when you are forced to eat that!
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