No more EMPLOYMENT in public service - President Buhari

The government of President Muhammadu Buhari have put a stop to employment into the civil service, Kemi Adeosun, the country’s finance minister, has reportedly said. The administration had promised massive reduction in the rate of unemployment in the country while the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaigned during the 2015 general election.

Adeosun reportedly told the Senate on Tuesday, October 25, 2016, that the government no longer had no reason to take more people into the public sector. Nigeria is currently suffering from a huge economic crunch and an inability to make the 2016 budget perform optimally. The APC also recently took responsibility for the country’s current woes but promised that 2017 would witness a positive lift. She said what the government planned to do now is strengthen the private sector for more jobs to be created. The Herald reports that apart from this, the minister maintained that the government would sustain its over N6 trillion national budget in 2017.
Read what Adeosun said: “Even when the economy was growing, when GDP was eight and nine, we had a massive unemployment problem especially our graduates. I’m sure most of us know that graduates stayed for up to ten years without jobs and the only sector that was really creating jobs was government and government now, has now reached its limit, that a 165 billion amount, I don’t think government can reasonably employ any more people so we have to develop our private sector and to do that, we need infrastructures. “So, this government is really set about driving infrastructures and that is what we have been trying to do. Everything we have been trying to do, whether it’s been chasing ghost workers, whether it’s efficiency, it all end on one thing-creating that head road so that we can invest in infrastructures.
“We know that if you build a road, in 40 or 50 years time, it would still be there but when you go for training and you go and come back, it’s over. So, it’s a different kind of demand but we think that it’s the foundation of getting this economy moving and creating jobs for our people. So, we have embarked on that, we have been releasing capitals for roads, for power and for so many things. But we have uncovered some challenges, some of which I think we will be coming back to speak to you as a committee.
“Some of the contractors haven’t been paid since 2012, so they just sat on the money and little can they be blamed because their problem is ‘how do I know that this money I have, I would be able to get another one for the next four years.’ So, while we expect them to go back to sites, in fact, in some cases, the bank even sat on their money, didn’t even allow them access to the money at all. The inspecting activities which everybody thought would be forthcoming has not been forthcoming, we have to solve that problem. I would be coming to talk to you on what we are proposing to do.
“We believe that most people in Nigeria, whether contractors, whether…., are owed something by the federal government and we have to sit down and sort it out.
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