Donald Trump on his way to winning the US presidential election BUT…

The United States presidential elections are only eight weeks away and the most recent polls are taking a somewhat definitive turn except there’s a miracle between now and 8th November. Amongst Democrats, there is mass panic surrounding the possibilities of Donald Trump winning the elections. For many Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans and the black community, their collective nightmare MAY soon become reality.
So what are the polls saying?
Before recent events, such as Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis and general ill-health, the Democratic-candidate had led in most polls and had garnered massive public and influential support. Her endorsement by President Obama and his wife, Michelle was instrumental to the surge in her campaign. Now, Clinton’s numbers are starting to drop, especially in swing states, that will determine the outcome of the elections, like Florida and Ohio. According to Fox news, “Reuters’ weekly tracking poll of more than 15,000 Americans projects that Clinton – if the race was held today – has a 60 per cent chance of winning by 18 electoral votes, compared to having an 83 per cent chance last week.”
What is Clinton doing about this?
In the last 20 hours or so, a number of campaign videos have been rolled out via Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account and they pass very strong, heartfelt messages to voters. With these  videos, hopefully a few voters who are still in doubt can make up their minds before the election, else we’re all screwed.
In response to Donald Trump’s belittling comments about war veterans, this World War II veteran and Prisoner of War sends out this deeply moving warning to American voters:
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Barack Obama’s passionate speech is very, very convincing, not only for this forthcoming election but for elections to come in America and the rest of the world. The power of one vote!
"Progress is on the ballot.
Tolerance is on the ballot.
Democracy is on the ballot.
Justice is on the ballot."
Former presidential aspirant under the Democratic party and Clinton’s opponent, Bernie Sanders endorsed her in July and in this video gave a breakdown of all of Clinton’s campaign promises:
"We have got to do everything we can to make sure that Hillary Clinton is elected president." —@BernieSanders

In 51 days, we’ll find out how the aggressive campaigning will work out for Hillary Clinton.
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