Dissolve Your Cabinet now - PDP Youth tells President Muhammed Buhari

The Peoples' Democratic Party National Youth Frontier has issued a statement warning especially the State of the Nation and the current Economic woes  and the implication of the President slow reaction to the Economic issues   especially now that is obvious that the President is looking helpless and clueless and lacks technocrant and capable hands that will help the nation out of the current Economic Recession 

The Peoples Demicratic Party National Youth Frontier. The Opposition has asked President Muhammed Buhari  to dissolve his Cabinet immediately, claiming it is dysfunctional. 

It is no longer news that Nigeria is in recession which has put the nation in a very difficult situation which the Governemnt has admitted to and the most unfortunate thing, is that the present Goverment is confused and unable to tell Nigerians the way out of the present hardship which the APC Governmet has plunged Nigeria into .

Our position, therefore, is that the Government as currently constituted is dysfunctional. The time has come for the President to dissolve the Cabinet and appoint a new one and subject any persons retained from the former Cabinet to a fresh round of National Assembly vetting. The present Economic team headed by Professor of law has failed and the Minister of Finace sounds confused , helpless and overwhelmed , therefore it is very imperative and  urgent that the President  should look for capable hands that will help him across his party line . 

Is time for the President and his team to accept that they have failed the nation. The PDP youth note that not only the opposition family but also members of the ruling party have seen the handwriting on the wall that President Muhammed Buhari have been failing in the task of taking the country to the promise land and it is disheartening to know that the President has not recognised his failures.

One would have expect the Buhari lead administration to come out with a clear policies and programs that will navigate the nation out of the recession , instead the government is busy giving hopes to Nigerians without policy direction , so sad the government that so much promised change has failed 

The slow movement of the president  is directly responsible for the preset Economic woes we are in. The president spent almost a year travelling the world , delay in formation of his government and maladministration , misfit in cabinet appointments . 

President Buhari who has done a year plus in office is still unable to constitute board of agencies and parastatals , Nigeria is moving backward and is unfortunate that the president is yet to realize this backward movement , we call on the President as a matter of urgency and national importance to constitute the board of agencies and parastatals as well as form a new cabinet immediately .

Usman Okai Austin 
National Cordinator 
Peoples Democratic Party National Youth Frontier 
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