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17 Sep 2016

Another Popular Prophet Drops 'SHOCKING' Prophesies, Concerning Buhari , Edo Election

Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele has warned President Muhammadu Buhari that his end will not be good if he does not find a way to end the present economic challenges facing the country.
In an exclusive interview with, the revered prophet who recently predicted the outcome of the fast-approaching American presidential election, told our correspondent that Nigeria needs serious prayers to survive this recession.
Primate Ayodele who spoke at the Isolo home of his INRI Evangelistic church, also predicted the outcome of the governorship election in Edo state, Ghana, among other sundry issues.
Edo elections 
The Edo election, the point is this… to be honest, as a lay man, not being spiritual now, with the kind of governance in the state, PDP has a good candidate. But as God will have it, APC will take it.
In Ondo state… I don’t know the person they picked in Ondo state, but the only way APC can win in Ondo state is if they pick the right candidate, the choice of the people… that is the only way they can win. Otherwise, PDP will retain Ondo state.
Ghana elections Before the Burkina Faso election, we said that the incumbent would retain the post, but the point is that there would be violence. It’s in our book titled ‘Warnings to the Nations’. Honestly, the opposition party has a very vibrant candidate, but the have to restrategise to be able to unseat the incumbent.
During Jonathan’s era, we said there were only two things that would make him win the election; to eradicate the First Lady’s office and that he should look for the Chibok girls. I even said it in 2013 that Jonathan should step down.
America elections America election which is the serious one that everybody is awaiting, (Donald) Trump will rock Hillary (Clinton) with scandals and blackmail but she has to retrace her steps in order to win that election. Trump is ready to take over from the incumbent president but Hillary must wake up.
Hillary’s health needs prayers, and she must restrategise; that’s the only way she can win America’s election otherwise it will go to Trump. And there are states that Hillary must work on very well; New Jersey, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, Houston and Ohio so that Trump will not turn the whole thing upside down. And Hillary’s health is very important.
Earth tremor in Kaduna 
The issue is not over… I said since 2013 that Nigerians should pray against national disaster and many thought it would be ocean surge and this year February, we asked the people to pray against earthquake in Nigeria and we still need to pray against another one. Forget about the excuses being given that it was caused by mining, it is not mining, God is angry with Nigeria and unless we do the right thing, if care is not taken, this country will collapse.
We will not be the Nigeria as we are today again in the future or we return to regional system of government.
He will find it very difficult to rule this country because he has a very good intention but the people surrounding him are not helping him at all.
Should he step down? 
Err… as he is going, if he thinks he cannot finish this term (interruption) but he will not get his second term, that’s just it. Second term Buhari is dicey, because this economy is facing what I will call economic tumor because tumor is s problem in human system and he has not addressed it. Why do you put a lawyer to head your economic team? Is that not wrong? He should use the people who know about the economy to handle it. I don’t know if they advised him to do that, though, but that advice is destructive, besides you cannot fight corruption because your administration has been corrupted as well and people who are corrupt are in the system. I have said it that corruption will fight Buhari and the House has proved it, that padding is not corruption; it has been in the system for a very long time.
Jonathan said stealing is not corruption and Buhari’s government is also saying that padding is not corruption. Tell me, how many people have been jailed? EFCC is trying its best, they will recover these monies but at the end of the day, Magu’s efforts will not be appreciated. Go and mark it down! The guy is sincere but he is having a lot of challenges and he will not be able to say it; that’s what God revealed to me.
Obasanjo’s recent ‘activities’ with the PDP
I don’t know anything about that, but I know that PDP has been cursed. Except they change their logo, refurbish their logo, rebrand it and pray; that’s when PDP can come back.
The National Assembly is still going to break. I said something, that except (Bukola) Saraki (Senate president) does what is right, he will be removed and he has done what is right so those fighting him might not get it right.
A lot of things are wrong with the government, a lot of things are wrong with the system, the president doesn’t understand what he is doing anymore. The economy is collapsed and we are seeing how it is going now. CBN doesn’t even understand the economy, the person at the helm of affairs is confused so Nigeria needs a lot of prayers and unless we can declare public holidays for three days and there should be inter religious fasting and prayer, there may not be an end to these issues because Nigeria is cursed.
Nigeria has been cursed since the time of Abubakakr Tafawa Balewa. Do you know what happened to the man? When the man wanted to pray, that was when they brought him out and they shot him. Awolowo… there’s a lot of curse and if these curses are not reversed, there are still going to be ups and downs.
People are saying dollar has risen to N400, it will still come to N500, petroleum will still be scarce, and the price will continue to fluctuate because I don’t see the government that Buhari stabilised.
Buhari should dialogue with them. Honestly, this problem might somersault the country, let our security agents be very careful. I see another explosive, killing unnecessarily. On the global scene, I see religion causing problem and it is still coming back to cause problems in Nigeria.
The only way to avert this is by having a three-day interdenominational prayer for the country. I am not saying they should call me, I am not the one who will organise it; they should just declare three days fasting and prayers.
Buhari’s end is not good, his end will troubleshoot. Mark it down, and note. We need prayers because economic hardship is not over yet, they have not gotten a solution to the economic troubles.
Let’s pray we don’t lose an elder statesman in the country, we need prayer. PENGASSAN will go on strike and these Niger Delta people will still cause more problems. We need prayers to survive and God to help us. 
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