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27 Aug 2016

How To Get Pregnant Super-Fast (MUST READ FOR MARRIED WOMEN ONLY )
Infertility can pose a big problem for a lot of couples and difficulties conceiving can be really stressful for prospective parents. A lot of couples who haven’t been able to conceive a child after a couple of tries can often fall in despair and give up on this possibility. But the reality is that there’s a lot that can be done to improve their chances and help them get pregnant fast.
Here are 10 tips which can help you in this stressful situation.
  1. Diet and nutrition
If you’re planning to get pregnant you need to start a more balanced eating regimen. You need to eat more alkaline foods, like bean sprouts, peas and milk to increase your chances of conceiving. While you do this, you should also avoid eating acidic foods like red meat and tea because they increase the acidity in the cervical mucus and can influence the sperm negatively.
  1. Supplements
Multivitamin supplements are necessary when you’re trying to get pregnant, especially ones that contain folic acid because this compound prevents neural tube defects. When you succeed in your efforts you shouldn’t stop taking these supplements unless you’re advised otherwise by your doctor. During pregnancy you still need all the nutrients these supplements provide.
  1. Medical check ups
If you’re having difficulties conceiving maybe you should visit a doctor and see if there’s some medical problem which needs to be resolved. Maybe you’re taking medications which may be interfering with the pregnancy and your doctor will advise you what to do.
  1. Regular se x
The more se x you’re having the higher the chances to get pregnant. If you have se x every day you won’t have to bother keeping track of your ovulation. Love each other and enjoy se x, the babies will start coming eventually!
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