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14 Aug 2016

How 3yrs Old Girl Was Rap*ed By 22yrs Old Neighbour…Read The Heart Touching Story.

A Facebook user, Blessing Nwachukwu-Frank, has shared a heart-wrenching story of how her younger sister, Grace Chikere Nwosu bled to death after being rap*ed at age 3. She narrated thus: ”This story isn’t about me today so I will skip the details of my past. Perhaps someday I will have the courage to tell my own story. My mom had this house help whose name was Chidinma, she also went to school but lived with us to take care of us after school hours. My mom was a kind soul who took her like her own but Chidinma was blinded by greed. On that fateful period, my mom went to the hospital with my dad and aunt, Chidinma sold my 3 year old sister for 150 naira to my neighbor, Daniel… I was 6 and had no clue why my sister wasn’t home. Little did I know that right in our face-me-I face you compound, Daniel RAP*ED my three year old sister till she bled. They returned her to our home to cover the act but my mom came home that day with my aunt and saw my sister bleeding and unable to move. My kid sister proceeded to give names then fell unconscious… Needless to say, she died after a week. She died on a Friday right in my mom’s arms and in my presence
I don’t know where Daniel is but I hope he sees this and remembers and apologizes to my family cos he not only ruined my sister but my trust in men when I was growing up. Made me live a life in fear of men until my dad, counselor and pastors gave me courage. She’s late since 1994 and she would have been 25. ”She was lively and smart and even at three, had more guts than me and always defended me. I have never forgotten anything about her. I loved her and I lost her before we could spend our best years together. Dear rap*ists, these children are just kids. Helpless, selfless and defenseless. We are to defend them not ruin them. What is $e*xua*lly attractive about a child? They don’t even have developed $e*ual organs except for peeing. Parents, be careful of who you entrust your child to. The world is dark. Anything is possible. ”In five minutes, a rap*ist can change the life of their victim and loved ones. Just for five minutes pleasure, you ruin the lives of others. Control your five minutes urge. S*x with a child is without consent cos they are ignorant of life. A child can never $educe you. Please let’s fight for the lives of children
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