By Comrade Shom Fanen Akor

I want to begin by congratulating you, on your recent award, bestowed on you by the Mutual Union Of Tivs In America (MUTA) for your contributions to health and educational programmes in Benue State.Once again sir; congratulations!
About a year ago plus,the helm of affairs of our great state (Benue State) was bestowed in your care,which solemnly you swore to take Benue State to greater heights.Benue State:A state that was created on the 3rd of February 1976 (40 years ago) have suffered a lot of set backs since inception,ranging from Corruption, insecurity etc.Corruption and Insecurity: greatly,have succeeded in taking Benue State backward.So deep! corruption have destroyed Benue State to an extent,where contracts awarded on the construction of roads,hospitals, schools,electrification,modern water system meant for the people are diverted into private pockets and accounts.Insecurity:It is on the increase ranging from the Fulani-Herdsmen attacks,cultism, kidnapping, daily killings and the snatching of motorbikes from Okada men (mostly) by unknown persons.Sir,your few days in office is commendable,especially in tackling insecurity and corruption in the state.The measure(s) you took in the area of insecurity was very technical;the amnesty programme:Which was the first of it kind in the history of Benue State and Nigeria at large,very commendable!
At some point, the amnesty programme was a huge success towards a peaceful Benue but not anymore, the bandits have deviated means in their mode of operations,sir, alot need to be done than just an amnesty programme.
Corruption:Democracy returned fully in 1999 and since then there is no truncation of power, to a common Nigerian;the return of democracy fully was light at the end of the tunnel, it was transformation in no small measures,but today the reverse is the case, a common Nigerian today prefer eras of military reign due to the level of corruption in Benue state and Nigeria.Sir, I was impressed by your slogan ''If you chop money,money go chop you''.Even as the government of Nigeria and your government (that of Benue) is doing everything possible to stop corruption, Sir, I suggest you look closely around your Allies/aides and others,for corruption is always closer to the corridors of powers.In recent times research shows that;the poor or people living in slums tends to be more corrupt but from my little knowledge, the elites/
the creme de LA cremes in our societies have biggest corruption cases,in summary, all who have committed crimes should face the law fully.Not an argument sir,but culprits,most especially, those that loots Benue's treasury should be brought to justice, killers also should not be an exception.Your Excellency sir,corruption is the reason why Benue people today are Jobless,Corruption is the reason our yams,tomatoes, oranges,mangoes etc are so cheap and not valued, Corruption is the reason why Benue State cannot pay salaries frequently, corruption is the reason why Benue state today cannot compete with other states that were also created in 1976.
Your Excellency sir,before your inception into office, our schools mostly, primary and tertiaries were under 'lock and key' but to the glory of God today,our schools are back in good shapes(School of Nursing Makurdi,Medical Students Accreditation Bsu etc).Even though there are (was) disagreements, between the students and their various institutions of learning as a result of hike in tuition fees, but we are trusting God that you will intervene quickly to the favour of a poor student(s) who is (are) only managing to pay his or her (their) tuition fee.In making our institutions more conducive and gingering our Benue Students;the Benue state scholarship board should be called to order to enable them pay students their allowances.
Sir,a lot have condemned you already, a lot have called you names,a lot says; they will not vote for you again.I want to assure you that; You still have the support of the overwhelming people of Benue that voted for you,let your Good work speak!.At this juncture sir,always expect criticism, condemnations and even insults from people, but never stop,never give-up,stay strong and fight for us.Governor wam;''mjirim ma de yagen we tom ga''
Always know that some of us are always praying for Benue and you. I pray that,the good lord whom you worship and believe in, will always guide,direct and protect you in govering Benue State and in all you do.
Thank you.
God bless Chief Dr Samuel Ortom!
God bless Benue State!!
God bless President Mohammed Buhari!!
God bless Nigeria!!!

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