SAD! The Untold Story of Late Father Adeyi who was abducted and eventually died


The abduction and eventual death of Father John Adeyi may sound like fiction but it was a reality. It is one of the darkest chapters in the history of Idoma people, particularly those of the catholic faith.  Our Crime reporter went to town and put this piece together:

The men behind the kidnap of Late Father John Adeyi,  SevenDays’investigations reveal,  have been a notorious and organized kidnap syndicate based in Otukpo. Some of them were suspected  armed robbers who have been operating along Ugbokolo- Enugu road before they were said to have changed lane and took to kidnapping as their new trade. One of them even secured a top flight security job with a vocational center in Otukpo and was behaving like a jolly good fellow. He ran errands for top politicians and mingled seamlessly with Otukpo elite club. Nobody would  ever suspect he was a devil in disguise. Most of the high profile kidnapping  incidents in the area were said to have been linked to him.
Crime analysts  believe that they may have been influenced by the strings of kidnappings which  were rampant in the south-eastern part of the country.
They  saw in Father Adeyi a fair game with vast connection in the catholic diocese and in their reasoning  asking for ransom for the Reverend Father who was liked by everyone within the catholic fold was a worthwhile venture. And so they trailed him for days before they  finally caught up with him in Adoba in Otukpa where he had gone to settle a dispute at a newly built catholic church in the area. The dispute in the church donated by Chris Abah, (a.k.a Mad Lion) had been lingering and only a clergy man with Father Adeyi ‘s Persona could help broker peace.
SevenDays learnt that before Father Adeyi was captured, another plan had been in the offing to kidnap one Medical Doctor. They actually abducted him for some days and released him after paying a ransom. Another business woman was also kidnapped  about the same time. She was not too lucky, she died in the process of her release after paying the  ransom. SevenDays sources said when the blindfold was removed from her face, she recognized one of them and that was it. “One of the kidnappers whom she knew by name shot at her mouth at close range,” said our source.
SevenDays investigation revealed that in the telephone conversations among the abductors during the adduction of the medical doctor one name was constantly mentioned by the kidnappers.  He appeared to be the man at the center of the operation. The arrest of that person after a tip off led to the arrest of the remaining members of the gang, including one security guard at a Vocational Center in Otukpo.(name with held)  They were the ones that led the police to the site where Father Adeyi’s body was found.
While Father Adeyi was in captivity, he was battling with his health. He was asthmatic. He had been dealing with the ailment for some time. At the time of his kidnap he probably did not take enough drugs for his ailment since he least expected what happened. They obliged him of his request to purchase the prescribed drugs at a particular  pharmacy  in Otukpo. The pharmacist,  also a co-parishioner of Father Adeyi (name withheld) saw a familiar hand written request order. His hunch told him he was dealing with the abductors of Father Adeyi. He was said to have quickly alerted the Catholic Bishop of Otukpo Diocese. The abductors too, who observed some inquisitiveness on the pharmacist’s face, knew they were on their last  trip to purchase drugs for their victim.
As the kidnappers  changed tactics, father Adeyi finally ran out of his drugs and paid the supreme price. At the point the kidnappers  collected N2million ransom money for the Father Adeyi near Obollo Affor in Enugu State, Father Adeyi was already gasping for air and yearning for his drugs. He died shortly after. Confused by the malady that had affected their victim, they dumped his body and made away with  the ransom and broke contact with the ransom payers. From this moment onward, it became apparent to well wishers of Father Adeyi and members of his family that something eerie had gone wrong. Then came the long wait and the eventual discovery of the whereabout of his corpse.

Source:Seven Days
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