By: Abraham Orkuma

I  like the truth because truth is Godly.This words may not be pleasing to those not seeking reality, but this words are plain and carry a lot of truth. Listen to this words and you will point the dictator in Benue leaders.

The speaker of  Benue house of assembly is a youth but with old corrupt mentality as examplified by the scandalous house he leads.He is not the face of the Benue progressive youth who wants a total departure from corrupt system of things in the state.Terkimbi should have some respect for himself and the office. Yes am Benue and corruption is a thorny issue in my state, it is but laughable for government of Benue to claim to be fighting corruption to try to shield some corrupt persons.I am struggling to find something positive morally, economically, and socially that we Benuelites can learn from our neighboring states, compare  -leadership! put them on the weighing scale and rate their performance! Is any of them better? This tells you Benue is in deep problem…

Benue is beautifu! Its people seemed to be cheerful and welcoming as well. Visitors always cherish their short visit in there! Yet, a lot of Benue can confirm that they are indeed only second to non  (when it comes to corruption). I guess, had it not for that, Benue has the potential to be the development hub of Nigeria or even Africa.

One thing that’s is a nuisance to Benue is the likes of Akumes, suswams, ortoms and co. They are tragedy that has ever existed

Thieving and intimidation by the political class and unconstitutional administrators is a thesis for another day!!! We need to grow up. We are not honest to each other it has not began today trace it back to the time immemorial.

Other states are equally corrupt. But there are mechanisms for people to voice their frustrations.Benue can surely do better than they are doing. We cannot be throwing salvos at those teaching their citizens and picking on  as bad examples. Until Benue and their several community leaders stop electing people into power just because they were given some money, we will never do better. Corruption starts from the time we put in the vote. We need a leader that will not spare even his henchmen. We do not need soft leaders. We need hard but firm leaders, and Benue has the highest potential when compare with Our competitors.

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