Leave Igbos out of your trial - APC tells Ekweremadu

The All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State, on Sunday, call on the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, to desist from dragging Igbo people and the local government into his many travails at the National Assembly.
Ekweremadu, who represents Enugu West Senatorial Zone of which Ezeagu local government is a part of, is currently facing a forgery charge and has been under pressure from the ruling APC to resign from his position.
Thirty traditional rulers from Ezeagu, on Saturday, threw their weight behind Ekweremadu, saying that the federal government should stop prosecuting him.
The blessing from the traditional rulers did not sit well with the APC in the local government.
A statement was signed to this effect by the Publicity Secretary, Kate Ofor; the Legal Adviser of the APC, Enugu West Senatorial Zone, Anayo Iyama; Chief Chibuike Obu and Robinson Anyanechi.
They called on Ekweremadu to face his trial and desist from dragging his constituency into the matter.
The statement reads, “Our understanding of the issue at stake is that some senators, labelled Unity Forum, felt aggrieved after the June 9, 2015 Senate leadership election and thereafter alleged that the Senate Rules book was doctored by Senator Ekweremadu and his cohorts.
“The Unity Forum reported the matter to the police; after investigation, the matter was filed in court by the Attorney General of the Federation.
“To us, it is only the court which can resolve the matter either way.
“We had thought that Senator Ekweremadu, as a senior lawyer, could have devoted more attention to how best to assemble the best legal team to quash the matter instead of dragging Ndigbo into his legal tangle.
“To us, Ekweremadu is being sentimental and hysterical over the matter as if he is not sure-footed, especially when the Senate leadership is jostling for immunity clause at this critical junction.
“He should be careful before his trajectory crosses the red line of contempt of the court.”
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