LADIES ONLY: If He Does These 5 Things, You Are The One Forcing Yourself On Him

If you are the one forcing yourself on him, sorry girl, you need to read these signs that he doesnt loves you.

1. He won’t make plans
When you guys are together you have a capital G GREAT time together. But when you’re apart, you get radio silence. If you casually suggest a Saturday hangout, he’ll agree. But come Saturday you’ll be waiting around until 9 or 10 to hear from him. Don’t waste time on a guy who can’t be bothered to give you notice.
2. He’ll talk to you about other girls.
In new relationships it’s normal for you both to unpack your exes. It’s our histories, however tumultuous, that make us who we are and sharing that is natural. But if he talks about his ex and his struggles to get over her, he isn’t over her. If he spots a cute chick and points her out to you, he’s long ago relegated you to buddy material. I also think that how a man talks to a woman about other women is proof of his intentions.
3. He’ll have s*x with you, but you won’t talk about it.
s*x means he likes you, right? Wrong. s*x means he wants to climax, that’s it. You guys can have s*x all the time. The s*x can be fine, good even. This doesnt mean he loves you. Infact, not having s*x with you implies he wants a future with you, he wants more than your body.
4. He’ll never make you feel truly comfortable with him.
If you’re an adult woman and you find yourself worrying about what to wear around him, if it’s okay to take off your shoes, if your hair looks okay, how to put your arms, he doesn’t like you. If a guy likes you, he’ll do everything within his power to make you feel comfortable.
If that means risking some funky foot smell because you’ve been wearing ankle boots all day, so be it. Love is building up to that day when you’re comfortable enough to fart in front of each other, not tiptoeing around him at every turn.
5. He’ll never initiate contact.
You have fun together, your text exchanges are brilliant and inspired, but when they start it’s only ever because you’ve pinged him. If a guy likes you, he’s going to reach out. If he doesn’t, he just straight up won’t do it.
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