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26 Jul 2016

Dogara vs Jibrin: N100bn budget padding. A follow-up to Jibrin's 50 Questions for Okonjo-Iweala

The former chairman of House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, Abdulmumin Jibrin's statement regarding the padding and unpadding of buhari's 2016 budget is an evidence that he, Jibrin, willingly accepted to defraud Nigeria either with some specific lawmakers, the presidency or both. Whichever way you look at it, by Jibrin's statement which he made without compulsion of any kind, he personally confirmed that he participated in a grand conspiracy to defraud the Nigerian people to the tune of N100bn or more, in this critical period when children are dying of malnutrition in IDP camps and all over Nigeria.

In a sane society, Jibrin would have been arrested since 2015 (not 2016), put in Kirikiri with all his accounts plus that of his wives frozen untill full investigation of all other parties involved is concluded.

For those who are contemplating on whether or not to believe Jibrin, please note that a common criminal like Jibrin who is using senatorial powers as a shield against prosecution, would never say the truth in a very serious case of this nature directly affecting him as the main man who was single handedly in-charge of the padded budget and every other thing thereof? Of what benefit would his truth be to him when it is clear that he is on a one way traffic to Kirikiri prison? Jibrin is destined to go down and he has adopted the 'Pull Him Down' strategy. If he must go down, then the whole House of Rep must go down with him. That is why he is making statements that he is not trying to pull the House down, when that is exactly what he is doing and no one asked him if he was trying to pull the house down.

Recall that Jibrin was the same small boy who was harrassing Ngozi Okojo-Iweala in 2014. He even walked her out and the APC mugu's led by Tinubu, Tambuwal, Kwankwaso, Amaechi, e.t.c., were hailing him, chorusing that he is so conscientious in his duties and not only that, but that he is also a harvard graduate and very sound.

It is now clear that Jibrin has been padding budgets against the PDP government interest all alone by himself using APC as a shield. That was why the APC in just couple of months in office were already conversant with the vocabulary 'padding' as in budget.

Jibrin insulted NOI with his intimadating 50 questions which were meant to force NOI to play by his own selfish rule just like he is doing with speaker Dogara now.

A crook is a crook, no matter what. Or how would you explain that Obasanjo, who has been on sabbatical since May 29, 2015 suddenly resumed work, met with buhari and then have already written so many letters in just 2 days after Jibrin's outburst against lawmakers who are seen as anti-Buhari/Tinubu cabal?

Jibrin is not new in the game of destroying public office holders in order to be relevant and thus have his way. He is a consistent power grabber whose main aim by his recent outburst is to derail the leadership of the current House of Representatives and then install Gbajabiamila and his gang so that they will have freedom when looting our money for themselves, friends and families.

While investigation on Jibrin's statement should start immediately, we ask that Jibrin's account should be frozen in line with EFCC's modus operandi. He should thereafter be arrested and sentenced accordingly.

We must assist Jibrin to reap what he sowed in the NASS over the past few years. His statement is a clear evidence that he is a criminal and no further investigation is needed to arrest him. Meanwhile, Yakubu Dogara and his team are innocent until proven guilty.

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