By: Abraham Orkuma
"The struggle of today, is not altogether for today- it is for a vast future also."Lincoln.
Suswam government can only be described by the words of Gandhi "The root of violence:wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character,commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principles.
The question that always comes to mind whenever i see youth celebrating and chanting suswam slogan is, is Benue under a spell or curse? How could a man who by provident became the Governor of Benue state, powered with all the fortune he need to drive Benue to its height but deliberately squandered it be celebrated?A man who described pensioners as "dead people".A man who has no respect for human institutions,a man who spent over trillion without establishing a single industry.A man who never worked or ever in business but has become extremely rich, whose source of wealth should be a concern to Benue youths has become a toast of unemployed Benue youths the very class of people he has condemned to dustbin of history.
We all know that, if not democracy, many of us would had been in jail . Democracy provides us with freedom that freely allow us to debate,questioned our leaders, disagree and agree, engage people intellectually in discussing core issues relevant to our lives.But here in benue, the verbose youth, especially those who are intellectually challenged just like their leaders, are very averse to such discourse and debate which is the base upon which any democratic society is built.That is why you see that alarming level of killing, kidnapping,hate and ever increasing political tension and urge for vengeance.For Benue to make any headway it must stopped.
If states like osun, Ekiti, Ebonyi, Nasarawa,kwara etc who are poorer than Benue in terms of revenue allocation could be so rich in terms of development, what makes Benue to be so poorer? The biggest robbery and fraud in Benue history was the 8 years rule of suswam.He did not only committed economic, social and political crime but has created a serious damage to our values, moral conscience and intellectual psyche, and destroyed every facets of our life.
Suswam had never disputed 1.27 trillion Kpojime claimed he received in his time as governor of Benue state.Suswam has been using Benue money to launder his image, using the present economic situation he created to make an inroad into Benue political space.
People who had sold their conscience to the devil, know they have no stake in Benue are doing everything to destabilize the state and of course destroy its future.This has been reasons for increased insecurity that is threatening the survival of Benue.
There was no hope for Benue people under suswam government. Suswam did not have any direction or hope for Benuelites,the only success he recorded was in tourism,Where beer palours and guest houses became empowerment programmes, our girls became visitors to government officials, the business of government was relegated to the background.
The uncompromising suswam who was notorious for raising gangs,bastardized and balkanised the state and brought it to its kneels. unfortunately, Benuelites have no means of firing him and his administration for their failure to put in place an impressive economic recovery to resuscitate the ailing economy which was even far better as of the time he took over.His overbearing, intellectual bankruptcy, incompetence, massive corruption, murdrous policies, impunity, and criminalization of Benue are the reasons why Benuelites are in huge suffering.
Benue entered big trouble during suswam administration which was characterised with politics of nepotism, slander, disinformation and contradictions, among others.
Benue social economic and political life simply afforded the opportunity to let the ship we were sailing in sank into the economic waters just because suswan did not know what to do.
Suswam tenure was a “waste of time and resources” to the Benue people as nothing he alleged to have done hold any substances and instead of giving Benuelites hope it only created a lot of fear to the public.His only achievement and legacy was criminalization of the state.
The Suswam’s failure to take full stock of the state of the economy, the declined in education, agriculture,security, social welfare, governance and other social issues was an insult to the Benuelites that employed him to say how bad things were in a very honest and genuine manner and what challenge he faced and why he could not delivered the tangibles, and finally to apologize for his failure to deliver and retire honorably from politics.Going round to media houses, organizing thanksgivings and shows to praise himself like a lizard is like adding more salt to an injury.
One of my friend told me to wait for my time to come if i want to rule Benue and I should remember suswam didn’t come to power by, I should please keep my mouth shut.These are the unexposed, uneducated, gullible and complacent youths whose conscience has been bought with a morsel of meat, like Jacob and Esau, who sold his birthright and afterwards he realizes it.The bible said he cried with the bitter tears of repentant but he could not find it for it was too late.Some of us needed to speak to Benuelites to understand the need to start social re-engineering process as decay under suswam became deeply rooted.Nobody can shut me down.I am a complete Benue citizen, I have a stake in Benue project, nobody can lay claim to ownership of Benue in exclusion of other legitimate Benue sons and daughters.I owe myself and God a duty to live my life according to the dictate of my conscience and persuasion.
Some gullible youths talk out of their slumber;Non can tell us one good thing suswam did.They are always busy clapping hands for the devil with their empty stomachs. Go to hospital only to be told go buy the drugs,panado inclusive.people are dying of treatable diseases.Education was completely grounded, Bsu once the envy of the nation and pride of a Benue man was completely neglected and ranked 82 among 100 in Nigeria.primary schools stopped running, secondary schools became mere centres for meetings.Those who could not afford private school were left under the mercy of God, People turned to God to provide for them those things that God ordinarily created them to make.Benue case has gone beyond poverty, is destitution, Suswam government frustrated everything effort of average Benue man to live a decent life.Food basket of the nation became hunger basket of the nation, suswam reportedly granted an interview and said Benue was "too rural for mechanize farming."in quote.
One wonders why suswam could be that pompous and arrogant,saying Benue people are now appreciating what he did for them.The people themselves are the problem,why must we begin to compare suswam and Ortom government? Benue people should be looking forward rather, praying for good times ahead .
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