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4 Jun 2016


By: Kula Tersoo
Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state must shine his eyes and be wise about his latest friends. Call them crossovers or party faithfuls if you want.
Betrayal, they say is a habit. One need not get so excited when a judas practice his trade against another in his favour.
Yes, loyalty too is considered by many great thinkers as a virtue. This, it is widely accepted should be accordingly unconditionally rewarded.
This is why I will live to always point at Mr. Simon Abua Yajir (Crucial) each time I talk about loyalty and how it should be rewarded.
Today, Ortom is always excited receiving to his side some former core men of the last administration headed by Gabriel Torwua Suswam, especially those who would come with full mouth ready to badmouth to a fault their former boss.
One thing which I observe so far and am particularly impressed with is that same Governor Ortom, and maybe, the APC leadership in the state have so far kept such fellows at arms length without a serious role in his government.
The likes of Hinga Ibiem, Sam Ode, Alex Adum, Joe Nyam etc are so far in the dark corners of the APC government.
When I hear people criticise Simon Abua in particular especially on the role of Adviser he has been given and what he would offer, I laugh. I laugh because as long as the unwritten principle of reward to loyalty is concerned, Abua hasn't gotten a thing commensurate to the loyalty he has shown his boss all these years.
Next is the likes of Titus Zam, Becky Orpin, Takema, Joe Abaagu to mention but a few who remained where they were not minding whatsoever they went through as a people outside government and in opposition.
Talk about their various other characteristics and behaviour when in public office or private life is entirely a different thing and that is obviously not the crux of my argument here.
To me, Abua epitomises LOYALTy. Take for instance. This is someone who consciously preferred to be removed from office than for him to abandon his godfather and mentor, Sen. George Akume.
Today, you have unprincipled small boys who were familiar hallelujah boys for the PDP and its candidate in the last general elections, Prince Terhemen Tarzoor coming to the cyberspace to display the highest level of low cost behaviours. They are quick to display their notriety by not only hauling insults to badmouth anyone who criticise this government or say a thing positive about the opposition PDP and its leader just to show how much they love Ortom and his government. But the capital question is, will Ortom himself think; when did the love start?
During Prof. Mvendaga Jibo's book launch, Sen. George Akume, on sighting Terhemba Shija, his former appointee, DG for his reelection and party man, directed invective and Shija warning 'Gabriel' (former Governor) to beware of such people who were with him (Akume) and he did much for them yet, they would stand and insult him.
Same Sen. George Akume repeated same warning to Suswam during the later 's last birthday celebrations at the Food Basket Government House. It has come to pass that most of the people who would show to the public they loved Gabriel Suswam more than late Mama Ashi and Suswam Tingir put together are nowhere to be found around same Gabriel Suswam today.
All Ortom need do is to shine his eyes.
Kula Tersoo writes from Makurdi.
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