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9 Jun 2016

Ban On Okada: Policemen now commercial motorcyclists in Makurdi, Benue State.

By: Awunah Pius Terwase
It is very unprofessional, unethical, disreputable, scandalous, unprincipled, unscrupulous and disappointed that policemen in Makurdi Metropolis are now operating at night as commercial motorcyclists (Okada Riders). The Nigerian policemen, serving in Benue State, most especially, those operating in the state capital, Makurdi, have being arresting and collecting money from the motorcyclists, both commercial and non commercial ones, all in the name of late hours for the security reason. The new law in the state is that once it is 8:00pm, motorcyclists are not allowed to be seen within the town.
However, the policemen in Makurdi are now operating fully as the Okada Riders from 8:00pm till done. 8:00pm is actually the exact hour given to the motorcyclists as the time to go off the roads or face the wrath of the law.  
One can now understand and attest that the reason for chasing motorcyclists off the roads is not only for late hours or security reason as claimed but to also enable the policemen too to do the business of okada riding (Commercial Motorcyclists).
At this point, I must commiserate with the policemen because their decision to go into okada riding business must be due to the meager amount of money they collects monthly as their salary, which cannot take care of their feeding, not to talk of proving good accommodation for them.
It is no longer news that policemen are underpaid by the government. The people who are always protecting the lives and property of the citizenry, enforcing the law and order, receives infinitesimal amount of money as salary, which cannot even pay for their meal, while our so called political leaders, diverts the public funds that are meant for the welfare of the police and the entire Nigerians for their own personal benefits.
Let me call on the federal government to restructure police work, thereby making it more professional in terms of retraining and increasing the salary and allowance of our hungry looking policemen.
If that is done, the collection of bribe by the policemen can be reduced, if that is done, the killings of drivers by the policemen because of twenty naira (20) may be put to rest, if that is done, the policemen may concentrate more to their job and may not go into okada riding business again, if that is done, the policemen may stop extorting the public, if that is done, the policemen may stop being aggressive, if that is done, the policemen may no longer be operating at night as armed robbers, if that is done, the policemen may give their lives just for a citizen to survive when there is an attack, if that is done, the policemen may disengaged themselves from any hanky-panky behaviour so as to serve their fathers’ land with integrity, pride, faithfulness, loyalty, heart, might  and ready to die for and on their job.
Awunah Pius Terwase writes from Mpape, Abuja via [email protected]

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