Read the things you need to do if you’re in Makurdi this weekend

Makurdi, the capital of Benue State in central Nigeria, sits on the banks of the Benue River, the country’s second longest river. A narrow gauge railway line linking the north and to the east of the country runs through the food basket city, as it is popularly referred to, and its inhabitants are widely known for their hospitality. A holiday maker or fun seeker, who finds himself in Makurdi during the weekend, can have a pleasurable stay in either a luxury or affordable hotel just as where to go to or what to do would pose no challenge. The town no doubt offers a serene, fascinating and friendly environment for sightseeing while driving around or taking a brisk walk as well as picnicking. Here are tips on how to find fulfilment in Makurdi this weekend.
Makurdi Club/Hilton Hotel
Founded in 1930 and located on Asom Bur Street in the old GRA, Makurdi Club is a sure place to visit to kill boredom any time of the day, especially at weekends. It provides a relaxed atmosphere with perfect arrangement for families, couples or singles to share exciting moments. Also, the yet-to-be completed Makurdi Hilton Hotel situated near the Benue State House of Assembly complex, provides a beautiful aerial view of the entire city, the Benue River and features which dot the landscape of the North Bank axis as well as the seat of power called the Benue People’s House. It is a place where anyone would want to while away time.

Balcony, conspicuously located at the Abu King Shuluwa Road junction along Bank Road, offers entertainment mostly at night for its ever increasing patronisers’ delight with the display of Tiv puppetry known as Kgwaghir and Makossa dance. Here, there are usually no dull moments. The mermaid dance popularly referred to as ‘Mammy Water’ plus masquerade shows would keep a visitor reeling with laughter until cock crow at dawn. The 24-hour highly secured on standby Balcony police post, according to its manager, Timothy Terwase, would satisfy the curiosity of any first time fun seeker, especially with lots of barbecue and live band on hand.
Makurdi beach 
This is a man-made beach with palm trees and other vegetation situated on the bank of the River Benue, near the new bridge. The beach is suitable for picnics, boat riding, sightseeing and recreation. The facilities include amusement parks, holiday resort, and entertainment centre among others. Other areas were children as well could catch their own fun is the Monique Playground in North Bank.
Air Force Swimming Pool
The Nigerian Air Force sports complex at the NAF Base along the Makurdi-Gboko highway presents a unique environment and is opened to the public for swimming, lawn tennis, and golf among other sports. For sport lovers, watching sporting events at the Air Force Base or football matches at the Aper Aku Stadium along Barracks Road would be most thrilling during lonely weekends.
Dajo Pottery
Dajo Pottery is a centre where ceramics are made locally. The traditional methods and art evolved at the potter’s house to produce master pieces would interest any visitor. This privately owned pottery earned international acclaim for its products which are exported to other countries while it has been designated as a study centre for local and international students.
Eating Out
There are quite a number of good restaurants and fast food joints which serve a variety of local and continental cuisines. Among them are; Benue Kitchen, located on Old Bank Road, Wadata, Apple Gate Restaurant is reputed for delicious Idoma and Tiv dishes, as well as other Nigerian regulars such as; white soup, ‘edikainkong,’ fried rice and so on. Steam Fast, Ostrich, Titogate known for its peculiar fura de nono yoghurt are places to visit; not leaving out Fish World, Wine bar and Doo Kitchen located around Woodland Park. 
For those who would rather find pleasure eating in exclusive surroundings, Hallyday Resort, Symbols, Benue Hotels and Benue Metropolitan hotel located opposite Kwararafa Quarters to mention a few, would do the magic. What’s more fantastic about eating out in Makurdi is usually found in some local pounded yam joints where the customers are served with at least three or more soups for a plate of sizeable pounded yam, Semovita or wheat flour. If suya, grilled fish or other forms of grilled meat are your crave, then the best place to grab some well spiced ones are the various spots within the Cool Off and Pages Park around the Low Level roundabout.
Makurdi Zoological Garden
The mini zoo located on the premises of the Benue State University (BSU) houses such animals like lions, antelopes, hyenas, snakes, grass-cutters and birds of different species, a sight that would surely delight any holiday maker or visitor. The area is endowed with natural beauty and evergreen orchards plus temperate weather, and overlooks the Benue River away from the ever noisy Wurukum junction few kilometres from the institution’s vicinity.
Driving Around Town
A visitor driving around town can find the North Bank area where traditional attires that define the major ethnic groupings in the state are displayed and sold, very interesting. It is also a spectacular sight driving in between IBB Square and J. S. Tarka Foundation around the High Level area of the city. The vicinity which stretches through the state secretariat provides utmost quietness for concentration and good thinking during weekend mornings or evenings. 
Traffic is nothing to worry about in Makurdi at weekends except there are major political or cultural events taking place. That’s not all; a drive through the 1927 railway bridge linking the north and east can educate a visitor in no small measure. The bridge used by motorists, trains and pedestrians evokes nostalgia feelings of the pre-colonial era.

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