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22 May 2016

MUST READ: Governor Yahaya Bello when Enough Is not Enough

By: Usman Okai Austin

Yahaya Bello our dear Governor I am aware some people believe that you are God chosen one and therefore your emergence is an act of God , How I wish this presumption is real and true but in reality is not true, is not true because God ordained Government suppose to be the turning point in the anal of Kogi politics but what we are seeing is completely opposite side , there is nothing godly in your activities , The Bello policies are being pursued solely for the purpose of enriching himself and his cronies whilst impoverishing the masses , the good people of Kogi state Kogi state under Bello is characterize with so much dis-orderliness and we can't fold our hands and pretending this is time to speak up enough is enough . Enough of this
recklessness , massive corruption , excessive show of arrogance ,outright abuse of the office of the governor , one man show and maladministration lack of due process all these happening Bks there is no any contractual agreement between Yahaya Bello and good people of Kogi state I am sure you are very much aware that your government is the most hated in the anal of kogi state political history .
The crisis you created in kogi state assemble has finally been addressed by the court of the competent jurisdiction I expect you to comply with this judgement and therefore I wish to quickly forward a notice to you and brotherly advise ,
The Speaker of Kogi state Assembly Rt.Hon Jimoh Momoh is coming to resumes work and you are expected to corporate with him accordingly .
I am very sure you are aware that the court has provided a safe landing for you and as a wise guy , I am sure you will takes this apple opportunity and utilize it to the fullest .
I remember When the crisis erupted last year due to the sudden death of the late Abubakar Audu your friend the AGF , who we believe is working to protect the interest of the power that be , was quick to offer an opinion on what should be the line of action in deciding who should be candidate of the APC in the concluding part of the election despite INEC having a legal department and referring critical matters to a consortium of senior lawyers, the AGF gave an Order that enabled the INEC to shave aside Idris Wada the second highest runner up to be declared the winner of the kogi state Gubernatorial election .
Following the division in Kogi state and its inability to conduct the law making responsibility in accordance with the law, the House of Representatives invoked section 11 of the Constitution which enabled the House of Representatives to take over the law making function of the state Assembly in the interest of the good governance , Further the House directed the Inspector General of Police Mr Arase to seal off Assembly Complex to forestall a breakdown of law and order , it is curious that the AGF volunteered his opinion uninvited on the matter and that allows Five members believe to be loyal to Yahaya Bello the AGF Choice for kogi state were provided with all the securities required and they have been making law that will please Bello and the Governor has been functioning as a sole Administrator of Kogi state , he turned the state Assembly to his Rubber stamp law making body and his request get express approval without scrutinizing courtesy of the Attorney General if the Federation the man that imposed Bello on good people of Kogi state .
Rt.Hon.Jimoh Momoh the Speaker of the Kogi state House of Assembly is coming to resumes his constitutional duty , He is coming along with his Deputy and other Principal me,bees of the state Assembly , the court of Competent Jurisdiction through the learned Judge has right the wrong , the abracadabra in kogi state , this victory is just a first step.
Our dear Governor you need not be told that every judgment of the court must be obeyed and is effective from the date of delivery or from such date as the judgment itself appoints. The judgment is meant to be obeyed without delay as any attempts in going contrary that will amount to direct invitation of the anarchy , God forbid .
Our dear Governor your reigns has institutionalize massive corruption , impunity and insecurity in the state , our Traditional Rulers Are been kidnapped daily , cult activities is reigning under your watch , innocent kogites are been slaughter daily by cult boys and you see it as normal .

As a Kogite I am very much aware you have a Godfather that is the person of the Attorney General of Federation AGF with him you are okay ,with him the law of land is nothing , your own wishes must be obey , but this time around is not going "to be so" Kogi is not your personal empire that you cant govern kogi state as you like , the law is supreme and it must be comply with .

The good people of kogi state are tired of hearing bad news , kogi state are eagerly waiting for the good news, the good news of orderliness, the good news of obeying the rule of law and court order and judgement , let the right thing be done. Enough is enough , is time to raise our voice, kogi state shouldn't be a training ground a land for political compensation is time to call the AGF to order , at a time when there appears to be tension between the executive and legislative arms of government the AGF should not be seen as taking action to denigrate the lawmakers ,
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