By: Abraham Orkuma
Maybe due to the positive work attitude Abua generally displayed since the days of Akume, Abua has earned the accolade of young people like me.I love Abua without apologies,he stands out in this crooked Benue generation.
Sometime ignorant people are made to dish out rubbish and foolishness, for someone to mocked Abua of inability to speak simple english, is the most irresponsible, unwarranted and what can be best describe as bastion of jealousy and envy - their attitude really proclaim who they are.
We are practising dangerous politics in Benue state, chaotic and destructive politics.How does somebody's english or grammar got to do with his achievement or position of authority? Why can't we be reasonable in our political approaches? Must you go personal and damage one's reputation because of politics? Is politics no longer issues but personalities?
For records, Abua Yajir, this is a young man I personally know, courageous, fearless, dogged and is reputed for firmness and loyalty to the core for whatever or whoever he believes in.He stood for Akume at the time when every other ally were switching camp, at least to protect their estate and life, Abua stood firm, ready to sink with his master who has given him so much.Various attempts were made on his life during the infamous regime of Suswam but yet he stood his ground.Somebody should tell me how many young people could have done this even at the risk of their lives in Benue? Unthankful and unappreciative Tivman would just have waved it aside and in extreme condition take on their former benefactor forgetting all that he had done for him.Besides this,language is for communication, and communication means understanding and once the two parties involve in communication can understand each other effectively, communication has taken place.This, I think Abua can do effectively.
If at all what this disgruntled elements are trying to achieve is real by ridiculing individuals to gain sympathy or make their notorious corrupt leader happy, how about their individual persons? How many of them can achieve what this young man without following this path of indignity, indecency, corrupt muderous have steadily rose to this position of prominence and achievement.Abua is an exceptional young man whose rise from poverty to riches and fame should become a challenge and a reference point to our generation.
PDP attack dog should be careful, there are punitive measures in place, as much as you want your self esteem and dignity protected and preserve others too have theirs which must be protected, respected and uphold at all times.PDP attacking personalities shows poverty of ideas and ambition,politics is about issues, is about economic, is about welfare of the people.Suswam as a phd.holder remain the most uninspiring political leader Benue ever produced.How about that?
Politics of character assassinations is becoming legendary,back biting, insult, intimidation is the favorite pastime . Young people rarely and barely engage in productive venture that is profitable and rewarding now in Benue political space.
Benue is currently going through various social and economic challenges which was created by suswam, because of his lack of focus on real issues.Let us be objective, balance and responsble in our criticism.Who knows whether the person you so insulted today may end up being your helper tomorrow. Life doesn't ends here.

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