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13 May 2016

Fake employers take scam to FCT

It is now obvious that poverty, unemployment, general state of confusion and hopelessness have greatly contributed to the mental and physical distortion of human beings spreading like wild fire in our country. As for the visitors who are coming to Abuja for the first time, he or she would be smiling and have hope that the problem of unemployment that has beclouded other parts of the country would soon be over. Repeatedly, the posters on the wall, and fliers of jobs by fake employers will welcome you to the city as if job is now a sachet of pure water that can easily be found everywhere. A short trip to some areas in the city such as Motor Park, Market plaza, amongst other will raise the hope of the first timer, as posters, fliers, even bill boards of fake jobs welcomes you to the city. Investigation by Inside FCT, revealed that these posters and fliers that litter the city is the handiwork of the so called evil perpetrators who believed to use this employment posters with attractive salaries to entice the job seekers in the city, especially the new comers. And these false human resources have gone, in their wise way, to deploy different means to cheat the applicants, especially when you are a fresh graduate in the city, unknowing that not all that glitter is gold. Many of the applicants who already fell to the trap of these so called job racketeers spoke with inside FCT, groaned while some described them as scam of the highest order. Narrating his ordeal, the 28 year old Paul Onoja, an indigene of Benue state explained; they don’t have any work anywhere, they are just time wasters, I fell into their hands in 2009 when I came to Abuja newly. When asked how it happened, he explained; “I saw the poster at Wuse market, I was attracted because of the very attractive salary they put on it, I contacted them, and I was told to buy a form which amounted to N2,500,and if I wanted them to fast-track the employment, I should pay N10,000 to their agent. I considered the money as chicken change compared to the attractive salary they attached to the post. I collected the form and paid the N10,000 next day. They told me that they will contact me in the next two weeks, I was earnestly praying to God to make it happen. Lo and behold, four days after, I was called. When I got there, an office address in Area 3 was given to me and said I should go there for interview. When I got to the address given, the result I got was not palatable, the man I met asked me to explain myself, in which I quickly summoned courage to do; he shook his head and asked me whether I passed through the four walls of classroom then I knew I was already duped.” Speaking further; “they have sent about four people to this place for interview that does not exist. Please go and meet them and demand for your money “they are scam.” My brother, Since then, I decided not to look at their posters having fell a prey, because I know they cannot give job.” He said. As for Adewumi Kemi, who came all the way from Osun state, revealed that “I entered their trap once and since then I refuse to be caught prey of those wicked human being, the funniest part of it was that the posters are everywhere, they will even put salary. Honestly, those posters are fake, they are bundles of liars.” On her own, Miss Chime Umeh from Anambra who was duped of N80,000 in the name of looking for job said: “those guys are not ordinary, they are diabolical, I don’t know what prompted me to give them such amount of money in the name of looking for job for me at NNPC.” She lamented.

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