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17 Apr 2016

Read Dan Onjeh's heart touching tribute to his late mum

Mama, it's exactly 3 years today since you departed from us unannounced! We find it very difficult to believe you've gone, because you're always in our thoughts. No one to call me "Oyim" (my son), or, " Ebije" ( strong man) , to make me feel like a child anymore! You lived a worthy life! I celebrate your memorial this day with my earlier TRIBUTE to you on the morning of your demise :
" Noooooo Mama!

I know we will all die one day, but you are leaving us at a very awkward time! The news of your death in the early hours of this day, April 15, 2013, changed my world completely.

I procrastinated my coming to Kaduna until you died! Please, give me one last privilege to see you! Please, appear to me, Mama! Let me hold you for the last time, Mama! My little couldn’t save you; I helplessly watched you die, Mama! I have come to believe that the maxim
“Health is wealth” is not true in the society we live, but, rather “Wealth is Health:” your health was deserving of specialist attention. Perhaps if I had the means to fly you abroad, you wouldn’t have given up the ghost now. You have left a huge vacuum in my heart! Your memory will be fresh forever! You gave so much to me, Mama.

I remember when Dad had to further his studies abroad; you had every justifiable reason to keep me at home as a little boy, but, yet, you sent me to school! Even as an illiterate, you prioritized my education in all ramifications!
 Mama, you are the reason I’m who I am today! I’m pained because I devoted all my time, energy and resources ‘struggling’ until I got exhausted at the time you needed me most. Each day that passes by, I kept hoping that things will be better until you gave up!
I was hardly around to keep you company due to the ever-increasing challenges that kept me perpetually on the road. Mama, please give a reason why I should continue my struggle when the change I wanted you to witness in your lifetime has refused to come for over one and a half decade. I love you, Mama, but God loves you most! I know that you are in the safe hands of God! Adieu Mama! " ..

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