Just Imagine How Marriages Are Collapsing Because of S*X

Marriage can only be truly enjoyed if the foundation is built on sincerity and God's principles. Divorce is bad but some ladies today are desperately trying to make it look like it's normal. They get married and still want to keep in touch with boyfriends for money and end up sleeping with them.

Live right because every act you engage in comes with consequences, now or in future; no escaping.

As written by Yetunde Arebi:
In our culture, once a man marries a woman and all is well, it is around her that he builds his empire and nurtures his desires and hopes for the future. The fruits of his labour are expended on his wife and the fruits of their loins, with the belief that they will be the joys of his old age.

No matter the challenges, this oftentimes should not erode her value or undermine her position in his home. For as long as she remains the chosen one, she is expected to be out of reach for other men...

Being a Mrs is no mean tag. The position of a wife also come with its demands and responsibilities and one of them, if not top on the list, is fidelity: the resolve to preserve one’s self and body. 

In fact, the Holy books affirm this position; the Bible admonishes women to submit to their husbands and the Qur’an counsels same. Even moral and societal values, and health considerations compel it upon the woman, that she stays faithful to one man - her husband.

Women found wanting in this regard, no matter how they try to pretend, usually fall from grace to grass. Most men find it difficult to forgive such women and the consequences are sometimes grievous.

But these days, things are changing with too many unfaithful wives in marriages. Sadly, it is now almost a daily occurrence to hear chilling confessions of various shades of infidelity from and about married women. Many of these stories leave one’s mouth gaping and mind confused. 

There is the tale of a woman with five children in Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria:
One thing led to another and she had to confess that only 2 of their 5 children belong to her husband. One for the husband’s friend and two for her other secret lover. The cat was let out of the bag when her secret lover insisted on taking custody of his two children. Refusing all pleas from the woman, he went straight to her husband and divulged the sordid details. The woman is now on the streets.

A similar scenario played out in Meiran area of Alagbado in the same Lagos: 
Olusho, the leader of a white garment church, in one single blow lost his wife and two children to one of his rich patrons. His wife on being caught red handed in her web of lies and infidelity, decided park out. Rather than plead to cover her misdeed and shame, she organised a vehicle and with the support of her lover, moved out same day despite the intervention of neighbours and elders around. The married lover has rented an apartment for her since he could not take her to his house.

Yet another Lagos businessman caught his adulterous wife with the help of DNA:
Without a sense of remorse, the wife confessed that her last pregnancy was for her boss at the office and she moved out of her matrimonial home, leaving the first three children with her husband.

Sadly, a few years after, the first of the other three children was also discovered not to belong to her husband as well. The teenage boy also turned out to be the biological child of the same man, her boss.
- Hmmm...there are a lot of stupid men out there who sleep with married women for fun. So, if you erroneously get married to a lady who is over money-conscious, just know that it's only a matter of time before she becomes s*x toy to such shameless men. Sad reality!
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