The  DEFECTION of some PDP supporters of IHAREV extraction of MINDA political axis to the ruling APC in Benue state is a huge Mississippi of political misadventure and March towards the eclipse of the entire IHAREV race politically. It is anti-democratic and a drift towards a one party state.
However, the proposed defectors are serial losers,commercial politicians, job seekers and political parasites who have milked the PDP and the immediate past Governor of Benue state Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswam of 2015 campaign funds almost to death without results and have now abandoned the party and the governor in cold. It is their stock in trade, Their defection now to the ruling APC is defensive mechanism and an escape route to accountability of 2015 campaign funds which they fraudulently diverted into their private pockets.
Governor Samuel Ortom and the APC in the state is their next victim if care is not taken.These group of mindless politicians have expired on the political shelve of their individual wards ,have lost relevance ,political value and electoral capital and will not add or change the electoral map of their wards for APC .
Their defection to the ruling APC now is not in any way motivated by conversion of progressivism, but simply by desperate and greedy quest for space on APC's dinning table and reap where they did not sow.
It should be recalled that, it was the same group of shameless politicians who were with Governor Samuel Ortom in the PDP but could not support him to win the PDP gubernatorial nominations.He left the PDP in protest but again, they did not join him, but rather they were feeding fat on PDP campaign funds. Even when he got the nomination in APC,and won the 2015 gubernatorial elections in the state, it is the same group of unprincipled politicians who instigated the defeated PDP candidate to challenged Governor Samuel Ortom's victory up to supreme Court. They are fair weather party supporters and utility friends of governor Samuel Ortom and his cohorts. They are not lovers of governor Samuel Ortom but moral dwarfs ,intellectual Lilliputs and they will not in any way brighten the political credentials of govenor Samuel Ortom whom they claim they loved, as they are only playing Pontius Pilate and are pretending to join govenor Samuel Ortom so as to drain him, if he embraces them and the APC closer to their political Golgotha and oblivion in the state.
Govenor Ortom should be given chance to settle down sland plan how he can deliver on his challenging campaign promises like provision of employment opportunities to our teaming unemployed youths, ensure regular payment of salaries, pension, insecurity, revival of our comatose education system in the state, revival of the economy,etc to the good people of Benue state and not to be distracted by political boot lickers who despite their dominant demographic dominance and advantage in MINDA could not produced a govenor when the position was zoned to MINDA, by their recent action, it is now crystal clear that they have sold their mandate to governor Ortom who is from a small minority by chickening out of the gubernatorial race for now and in 2019.
To the PDP, the DEFECTION of these "Food is Ready Politicians" is the finest moment in our political history. "It is a moment when hope is reborn, faith rekindle and a fresh fire of patriotism is released for the task ahead of rebuilding the PDP and bounce back to power come 2019.
As an elder statesman and a political analyst, my patriotic suggestions to the APC and govenor Ortom is to be very weary of these political bad eggs from the PDP who are now ship jumping into the ruling APC. The APC should remember that" A goat which eats onions is preparing itself for pepper soup".Some APC political gladiators are building a dangerous political warehouse for 2019 and this dangerous trend ,if not nib in the bud is capable of distracting govenor Ortom from providing good governance and will be an albatross hung on the neck of the APC come 2019 general elections in the state. These APC political gladiators are breeding a Frankenstein's monster that will devoid the party before 2019 elections.
In conclusion let me warn that these born again decampees from PDP to APC should be quarantine for six(6) months in the intensive care unit of the party, observed and certified "political Ebola Negative" before they are accepted into the party's Ford .A word is enough for the wise.

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