By: Gurgur Japheth MP

Ditto: Pastor Dr. Sam Abah, in times of moral crisis, telling the truth is a holy act.

1. Q: Is the Governor truly traveling?
A: Yes! He can travel even today at his discretion as permitted by law

2. Q: Is his wife truly traveling?
A: Yes

3. Q: Is money allocated from Benue purse for this Presidential trip?
A: Presidency does not pay State Governors Travel Allowance

4. Q: How much was allocated?
A: There is a standard approved DTA and Estacode rates approved by govt.

5. Q: What is is the benefit to Benue in the near future?
A: The Benefits include diversification to Agriculture which Benue has Comparative Advantage

6. Q: Is that benefit up to the cost of the trip?
A: Agriculture is panacea to the global crunch

7. Q: Is Bemgba Iortyom telling us lies, as he is alleged to do all the time?
A: Yes! The figure is not true but tissue of lies.

8. Q: If Bemgba is a liar, who is telling the truth? Can such truth teller please help Benue citizens?
A: Whenever the governor is to travel, it is announced including the number of days, which when juxtaposed with approved local or foreign trip DTA/Estacode rates, you will get the detail.

9. Q: Can we run a great state by merely exchanging insults?
A: Constructive engagement, not insults, is the spice of democracy

10. Q: Is Benue not in a state of mourning?
A: The solution is not morning but ranching, which is part of agriculture and Nigeria seeks collaboration with China to boost agriculture. Government can not go comatose because of Fulani killings but rather find lasting solution, having visited the affected areas and taken stock of damages.

11. Q: Is this the best time for a trip with#MrPresident from a Benue Governor?
Will the blood of Benue citizens crying out not cry against us all?
A: This is an opportunity no serious government or governor can afford to miss, when the world is thinking outside the box as a result of oil crash.

12. Q: Finally, has Dr. Pastor Sam Abah stop doing his business because of mourning?
A: No! Therefore government can not cease to work on account of natural or human made disasters. The essence of govt is to provide security and welfare and the journey to China is for this singular purpose of agriculture, which ranching has been advanced as panacea to herders/farmers crisis as Samuel Ortom has said severally that there is no grazing land in Benue.

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