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13 Mar 2016

What Do You Think Of The Restructuring Of The NNPC?

There have been talks about the reorganisation of the state-owned oil corporation, NNPC, since President Muhammadu Buhari came into office. In view of allegations of sleaze in the corporation, the government’s plan to bring it back to full efficiency was only a matter of time. LEADERSHIP Sunday sought Nigerians’ views on the restructuring announced last week.
Ramadan A Nuhu
NNPC lacks consequential accountability and efficiency since the corporation’s inception, thus unbundling the state oil company is a blueprint for triumph. All around the world, history has proven that government managed companies deviate to politics and corruption, resulting to congestion of departments and irrelevant levels of employees, hence losing the for-profit goal and embracing inefficient workspace. I believe unbundling NNPC into profit making companies will provide each unit entity the ability to concentrate on their sole objective with easier accountability while creating better performance and efficiency.
Bashir Kabir Rafindadi
The NNPC has been a corrupt and failing organisation. The unbundling, as the minister said, is more of a restructure. He promised there won’t be any job losses except when a worker is found wanting and performing below par. It’s unfortunate that the workers went on strike because the restructuring will be in their interest as well as the organisation and the nation’s. Who wouldn’t want to work in a profitable, accounted and healthy organisation!? NUPENG and PENGASSAN should please put the Nation’s interest first. The President and Minister should go on with their plan and unbundle the organisation. The unbundling would sanitise Nigeria’s most deeply rooted problem which is corruption.
Philips Chidumebi
I think it’s appropriate at this time, the decay has been long lasting, and only a structural shift can bring the needed revamp. I commend the president for this move and appeal for transparency throughout the process.
Bello Shagari
It is not all the time that we will understand some decisions made by the government. What is important is to trust that they mean well and that’s why we voted them, so if they decide to restructure the NNPC into smaller departments, they must have thought about what benefit it will be to Nigeria. They might be wrong about it too. But you never can tell, they just began. NNPC is a very important economic backbone, therefore we want to hear something being done about it and this might be one.
Arafat Bage
I think we can all agree that the NNPC needed reforms especially in areas to curb mismanagement and to enhance productivity. The restructuring of the oil state firm, if implemented properly, will decentralise authority and give the various sub division heads an avenue to wield their respective departments into profit -driven entities. This in my opinion is the right step to take in efforts to increase the productivity and efficiency of NNPC operations.
Ahmad Zaruk Kabir
The unbundling or rather the restructuring of the NNPC is indeed a right step in the right direction. In fact, it is long overdue. With the stalled (PIB) Petroleum Industry Bill, which has not even reached the National Assembly, the federal government has done the best it can with the existing NNPC Act and structure as the reorganisation will only allow room for efficiency, transparency and accountability as well as profitability to the corporation. The new structure is also seen to be aimed at luring investors through the newly created Ventures directorate which is what the country’s economy needs badly at this trying moment.
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