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11 Mar 2016


Suswam government received the highest allocation in Benue history.1,021,931,043.63 in 8 years from 8 sources.Sure p, ecological funds, excess crude sharing, internal generated revenue, grants and others.
Benue wage bill was less than a billion as of the time before salary increment took it to 3.1billion monthly, this includes overheads.
Why suswam could not pay workers is yet unknown.Development was stalled and poverty soared .Suswam was incredibly corrupt and disgrace to Benue race.
Benue state under Akume:received 2.524 billion in first half of 1999, 7.970 billion in 2000 and 9.818 billion in 2001.Allocation declined to 9.634 billion in 2002 and rose to 13.589 billion.It means allocation of Benue in five years was 53.845 billion.Though the wage bill was very small and the naira more valuable as of then, but comparatively, looking at the figures and wage bill under suswam, one can conclude that Suswam has an excellent opportunity to write his name in gold.
But look at this............
The United Nations' Global Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index has three dimensions and 10 indicators in estimating Overall Poverty. Each dimension is equally weighted, each indicator within a dimension is also equally weighted, and added. It uses 10 indicators to measure poverty in three dimensions: Education, Health and Living standards. This report was Published in June 2015, and is based on data collected on years between 2013 and 2014.
In that ranking:Benue was ranked below kwara, kogi, plateau and shockingly,Adamawa and Nasarawa. The state of decayed is so deep and very disturbing considering billions of naira accrued to the state from the federation account.Just in 2012 alone,Benue got 74,603,841,100.92 as against plateau, kogi, kwara and nasarawa who 59,990,295,696.88 ,70,564,808,263.64 ,52,393,463,610.54, 49,262,377,875.93 respectively.Yet,Benue state government under Suswam couldnot point at one single project for the state.
If Benue wage bill and overheads stood at 3.1billion, if you multiply it by 12 the answer will be 37.2 .you then subtract 37.2 from 74,603,841,100.92 you will be left with over 34 billion.doose Targema Doose, can you see that ? do you know what a billion, just one billion could have done or can do in a life of a people?
I held a meeting with DHL and ABX commercial on agro export on the need for partnership, the revelation was startling; just small amount like say 1 million to 5 is good to go.I another one with the president of cassava growers association of Nigeria in Ogun state.Do you know what, cassava alone can create surplus of jobs in the state if only the state Govt can put measures to that effect.It takes less than 20 million to set up a mini juice factory.My consultant told me in confidence that, cassava processing factory could take 17 to 21 million to set up.Imagine if the government decide to create avenue that enable entrepreneurs to access funds for such purposes.corruption is killed Benue.

Corruption has brought the state to a near zero development and hope.Local government allocation has became the cash cow of state government under suswam.
Benue that was famous for food production is becoming increasingly
Insecure in food,hunger and poverty is becoming chronic issues in Benue, which has been ranked the 8th poorest state in the country and the 9th most densely populated. Rapid population growth and periods of economic decline linked mainly to political and social turmoil are only some of the factors that have led to dramatic poverty for most of Benue people.
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