By Solomon Amande Sule.

There is a popular saying that one rotten seed of groundnut chewed in error spoils a whole meal of groundnut been eaten,to a certain extent this is true but I wish to dissect that from a political scenario cropping out in my fatherland, the Tiv nation.
Do the Iharev people really Hate Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State?
My answer here is NO, some of you will raise eyebrows knowing fully well that those who insults the Governor most on social media are Breastfeeding Boys (people that stays and eat from mums pot) from the Iharev axis of Tiv land.
My Poser is if a microscopic few individual are found indulging in an extremely unpalatable behaviour due to lack of parental upbringing will it be right to form an opinion? No
It has been my worry because the small untrained boys from Iharev axis who insults the Governor are not opinion leaders,they are just hemp smoking barbarians that thought their brother could have become a governor so they will have a meal ticket. Anybody will be angry at such missed opportunity even me.
These Boys cannot speak in a traditional and political gathering of Iharev Assembly where the likes of Hon Avine Agbom, Barr Mike Utsaha, Hon. Dickson Tarkigh ,Mr Ortese, Mr utaan(GQ) ,Hon. Titus Zam,Hon.Adanyi,Hon Anta Igbaato ,prince Simon Aondoana ,our first lady and other reputed Iharev sons and daughters are sitting.
And it is on record that ,Iharev elders have not insulted Hon Samuel Ortom since assumption of office,rather they paid homage and even their son Tarzoor congratulated Samuel Ortom after the elections.
I therefore make it bold to accuse the people of Kwande, My people for been the saboteurs in this Government of APC.
Your excellency, I want to tell you that ,those who persistently attack your personality from Kwande in the like of One Maurice Tsav, Bemgba Iortyom, Kulas Tersoo and Asawa Joseph although politically irrelevant,are opinion leaders in thier enclave and always called to contribute on issues of tradition,because they are MBAVESEN IN THEIR HOUSES.
It is therefore my earnest desire to call on well meaning Kwande sons, Former AG Aondoakaa Kaase, chille Igbawua, KWUPO under Terkura Tarnande, Honourable Speaker Terkimbi Ikyange,the Traditional institution, to call this four Kwande sons to order. Their uncomplimentry remarks on the Governors personality is unbecoming of grown and enlightened adults.
The Governor has accepted constructive criticism and is ready to make amends if corrected ,so why leave issue based submissions to personality attack.
My Benue people,Mad men are expected to be chained and confine in solitary.
If this four Kwande sons of previous importance are now insane due to psychological trauma,they should be gauged.
Kwande ,Kwande ,Kwande many times did I call you............. stop this craftiness you are known for.

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