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6 Mar 2016


By Jacob Jande.

I don't mean to insult or attack anyone in this piece. have observed for some time now the activities of a man I supposed should be a role model to many youth in the state due to his personal achievements as an individual. A man who has seen it all in public service. Can you really be a person one can emulate? I don't think so.. Because of your stand on issues and events in the state.
I expect you as a father, and elder, a senior citizen of the state, and a devoted religious bigot, to be more objective and help the state most especially now that we are going through economic downturn. You should be able to serve as a bridge between the young and the old. But your behavior has left me with no option than to ask you these few questions.
* What is your position on Benue State in regards to contribution to bringing about development in Tiv land.
* Where you in Benue State when Suswam run the state as a personal estate, creating a lot of problems that still linger today
*Why were you silent and see nothing wrong during the time of Suswam in office.
* Why are you been selective in your style of attending to public issues. I expect you to know that, what is good for the goose should also be good for the Ganda. I thought your interest is that Benue moves forward.
*So throughout the eight years of Suswam in office, everything was OK, until now that you are here to seek for sympathy.
Where were you when Tiv people were been slaughtered in their homes by the Fulani people
*How on earth will you blame the Governor on the crisis in Agatu despite his efforts to settle for peace.
* Why are you always on the same page with people who are bent on bringing down this government.
* Can anyone still see you as an elder State man.
What is your comment on the 107 billion naira that belongs to the people of Benue State, but taken by Suswam and the other 51 people
I guess you are against the current anti corruption crusade of the APC government. If not, let u hear your thoughts.
* How many suggestions have you brought before the Governor on governance.
* Can you be seen as a role model for youth in the state.
Do you know that you have created more division and still counting in the state due to your outburst on the government.
Finally, I don't think you mean well for this people, if you do, why did you support the government of Suswam that the entire Benue State rejected at the polls and hate a popularly elected government of Samuel ORTOM that came into power through the general will of the people. With this I just wish to suggest that you should explain to the entire state what wrong the government has done so far.
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